Ridiculous disconnect issue

I have no idea what’s going on, but I haven’t been able to stay connected for more than five minutes or so in the last half hour, with about 20 DCs in the last seven minutes or so. I get logged in, then DC before I can even select my character, or I get DCed the moment I enter the world. It’s mostly the generic error code, but I also got one saying my PC doesn’t meet the system requirements.

It’s not my connection, as everything else on my PC is working perfectly. It’s only WoW. And this isn’t the first time this has happened to me. I’m at my wit’s end here.

Any ideas?


Post a dxdiag so that your issue might be able to be diagnosed.

Been happening to a lot of people op. Especially the wow 519 error, or whatever it’s called. As usual they try to pass the buck onto the user end, when most of the time it’s a game issue. Won’t get fixed until enough people let them know what’s happening. Check forum history, and you will find the issue has happened several times before. Usually happens after game updates etc.


That’s the generic disconnect message.

When people come along like the OP, and you, sure that it can’t be their problem, and do not provide any of the required testing data - winMTR or dxdiag - then there is no way for this community to help.

If there was a large issue with Blizzard servers, these forums would be flooded. See the recent Wave Communications issue in the Pacific Northwest for an example.

No data, no troubleshooting, might as well not post.

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I’m sure it’s on the subscriber/player’s side, when other online games folks play is not having disconnect issues. In other threads people have mentioned already that it is only in this game that they are having disconnection problems.


Other games you might be playing aren’t hosted in the same building, so you’re not using the same internet route to reach them. It’s the same as saying the roads to the grocery store are working, so all roads must be open to all places. Unfortunately, without any data, no troubleshooting can occur.

You’re free to open a ticket with the staff 24/7 for official assistance on the matter.

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Please point out where I said I’m sure it’s a Blizzard problem. I’ll wait.

That said, this isn’t the first time I’ve had this issue. I had it for a very long time, but that issue went away once I did a fresh reinstall, but it’s been slowly growing in frequency and severity, to the point where I will sometimes be staring at 1000+ ms latency for upwards of two hours. Then it will drop back to normal, sometimes for several hours but also sometimes for only five or ten minutes.

I have no idea how to get any of the diagnostic data, and I also can’t time it properly, as it sometimes begins immediately upon launching the game, within just a few minutes, or only after an hour or two, and sometimes it will spike for 30 seconds to a minute but then go back to normal.

Every other game I play and every other media source I access (such as YouTube, Crave TV, email, speed test websites, etc.) are generally not affected, and if they are, the effect is generally of short duration and less intensity.

I’m roughly a six-hour drive to Chicago, where MG’s data centre is located, and my FFXIV data centre is located a three- or four-day drive, in California, but I have many more connection issues with WoW than with FFXIV.

Hence why I’m asking for ideas on possible causes, troubleshooting, or fixes.

There ya go.

The directions for the troubleshooting files are all in the blue stickies at the top of the forum.

I am having the same issue for the last 48 hours. It is only on WoW. Make it stoppppp

Then post the information needed to diagnose what might be causing the issue. That would be a WinMTR and a DXDiag.

Still waiting for you to point out where I explicitly said it was Blizzard’s fault. Just because it’s not my connection at home doesn’t automatically mean it’s on Blizzard’s end.

Since you asked. It is better if you would post the WinMTR so that we can help you diagnose where the issue might be taking place.

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