Rhok'Delar Demon - Solenor the Slayer

It’s in the “spirit of vanilla” to change all mob pack behavior? What other changes will you attempt to rationalize away as “in the spirit of vanilla”?

Last night I tried to do the Winterfall Runners quest. Although the recommended method as late as September was to kite one until the others leash back, that is no longer possible. A 57 can’t possibly deal with 3 level 57 mobs who will follow him to the end of the zone.

Are you an employee or something?

NO this is wrong, mobs that are not part of a pack but are pulled together now do not leash independently, this is a diversion from vanilla for the sake of fixing a quest in classic.

This is a very very big change to leveling warriors who often will not be able to concurrently kill 2 mobs and would need to leash one.