Revert 50% azerite nerfs

(Nakkago) #11

Their targeting nerfing was nuts … again for Pack Spirit they nerfed it 80 percent initially effectively killing the trait off …

(Nakkago) #12

What did you do ??


Just said someone was abusing there power nothing bad boom baned for 7 days

(Nakkago) #14

Well looks like some did abuse their power in banning you !! Lol

(Isuckatmage) #15

I’m cool with pack trait being useless. You shouldn’t be able to sit gw and passively outheal 2 DPS going ham on you.

(Nakkago) #16

Ok then don’t have it as a trait if it’s useless … give us something else .

(Isuckatmage) #17

It’s not useless in pve and that’s what matters.

(Rethumtv) #18

My hunter currently has 3 FF / 2 SS on live and they hardly feel like they make a difference. A double tap Rapid Fire currently does 30-40% hp at best, depending on armor type, assuming the ability isn’t interrupted. Was your testing on the PTR not including 50% nerfs?

I don’t have the traits yet but I want to test with 3 unerring, 1 FF, 1 SS, to see if maybe trueshot feels better with some more guaranteed crit on burst.

Rethum-Tichondrius is my hunter if you wanna take a peak. Played MM to 2k by 2nd week of this season but tanked to 1850 this weekend due to an unlucky queue session and counter comps.

(Nakkago) #19

No that’s not the only thing that matters

(Isuckatmage) #20

Convince blizzard of that not me. I’m ok with the defensive azerite traits being useless anyway. Just more defensives when were too dampening

(Dokgo) #21

There are a lot of healing oriented traits, too.
This wouldn’t really help in the overall meta.
Need more damage all around if rdruids are gonna be left alone.

(Bertimus) #22

Yes, this was 8.1 ptr when the tides of vengeance gear vendors were there, but before they’d cut trait effectiveness in half. 3ss, 3ff, doubletap and streamline talents. Most died before the channel finished.

I think it’s still probably best to try to go 6/6 rapidfire traits now. In the rhythm would be a game changer if it was at full or 75% effectiveness because it drastically buffs your haste after rf, letting you get an extra aimed in the window. However at half effectiveness, even three stacks of it isn’t enough to get any more aimed shots out of your window and the cast reduction isn’t enough to feel a difference. Ideally you’d go itr x3, then at least one ff and one ss purely for the secondary effects, then one of something else. I think at 50%, unerring and itr just aren’t good enough. If you’re using the rapidfire traits, be sure and pick streamline as well. The two (four of doubletap) bonus shots do a lot of damage since they’re at full ramp of surging shots.

(Azulla) #23

A general question: for traits that were nerfed as part of 8.1, they were also nerfed again with the 50% blanket pvp nerf correct?

i.e. something like blaster master: 30% mastery nerf overall, stack limit reduced to 3, and a 50% pvp nerf when 8.1 came out. Then the 50% blanket nerfs to all traits on top of that right?

(Exalter) #24

(Drinaki) #25

These are all major rehauls…will have to wait until next xpac.


Um no. The 50% azerite trait nerf was pretty helpful.

(Nevercurse) #27

Reverting all traits nerfs would probably cause more problems than it solves, but having every single trait nerfed by 50% is DEFINITELY a contributing factor to why games are lasting longer. This is why blanket nerfing every single trait was a bad idea and a lazy change. The only traits that needed to be nerfed were the super bursty ones.

It’s easier than ever to stack 2x or 3x of your best traits because each piece of gear has 3+ traits on it. Before, each piece of gear either had your best trait and was amazing or was trash if it didn’t have it. The RNG has been reduced drastically, especially with us having 4x choices of azerite gear for each slot when conquest capping

All defensive traits should stay nerfed at 50% like they were in 8.0 (with traits like pack spirit being nerfed by 80%+)

But traits like battlefield focus were doing 20-25% of some class’ damage before 8.1, which is huge for sustained dps (just an example, there are other amazing traits too for sustained damage)

Healer traits could maybe stay nerfed at 50%, but if damage trait nerfs are reverted, health bars would be moving up and down more quickly, making crowd control a lot more effective for landing kills.

(Rethumtv) #28

All the 50% trait nerf did was help the classes that already had traits nerfed, while screwing over the classes that didn’t. When they made targeted nerfs for blaster master, earth shock, balance affinity, rsham ghost wolf traits etc those nerfs were bringing them in line with everything else to balance the meta.

The moment they set everyone at 50% it essentially gave those previously nerfed classes their power back and undid everything they worked at balancing before. Damage is now to low on the specs that were balanced prior, and the classes with insane burst are back to having an advantage.


No. It’s as simple as this. Those nerfs were there first, and then even further reduced by another 50%. Wtf are you on about

(Rethumtv) #30

Your wrong. When they did the blanket 50% nerf with 8.1 all previous changes were changed to 50%. That means traits like ghost wolf form that were set to -80% were changed back to -50% (a 30% buff) it was not them doubling down.

Here’s the link if you didn’t already read it above, since I know you don’t read or having reading comprehension skills.

https ://