Returning to The Game

Hey all i am returning to the game after a while and honestly i feel lost. I have been trying to start back into the game for a while now and honestly i am finding it hard. i cant remember when the last time i fully played the game was but it has been some time.

My current struggle is where do i begin? i am trying to figure out exactly how to start back up i feel i need to completely re- learn the game. so i am looking for help on how exactly how to start back up , how to choose a main again, how i should re- learn what all the abilities are and all the new features available , and lastly where exactly to start leveling again and how to re- set my self any advise would be great thanks .

luckily for you the patch is Tuesday, and it can be like a soft restart for you.

For leveling and picking a main, play what ever you want. Follow the quest logs, and do the deep yellow Main Story exclamation point quests within Battle for azeroth zones.

Get flying.

Get your neck levels up.

Unlock your neck essences.

Do the War Campaign story.

Do mechagon story if you need the neck essence from there.

Do nazjatar story if you need the neck from there.

Then get into 8.3 play that, gear up, catch up. You’ll be right back into it.

its hard to play Alts right now because of the neck system, hopefully tuesday will fix that.

Thank you for all the advise i just have one more question. how do i re find the beginning of the quest chain?? where do i head first?

If you havnt figured it out yet, where ever on the map has a deep yellow !. OR, on your quest log it should be identified as a main story quest at the top. If that does not work, look at your progress for ‘Loremaster of Kul Tiras’ And see what you need to finish there. Either way, if you follow all the quests in each zone, you will complete everything. Along so, doing everything is good for accounts that have not gone through the zones yet either.

Awesome thanks for all the help!