Returning to classic

Evening all, had to stop playing a little while back due to life, and am looking to return, but I recently read that the server is starting to get alliance skewed now. If I roll a new horde toon, is there still enough leveling pop horde side to level up comfortably?

Yeah, as a level 11 druid I can confirm. Just got to the Barrens and many people are still leveling, no rush for everyone!

In my exprience, join Lookingforgroup channel and observe or ask people. Plus /who. You’ll get good idea how people are doing

Oh, also create a level 1 character and run to IF or Org and have a look

The server probably has the most balanced population of any in Classic. In classic you can only choose one faction and the good is that I don’t get as much hate whispers from campin’ allies.