Returning Rogue looking for raid team

Hello and thanks for reading!
I have been an active player since BC and besides the end of Cata, this is the only break i’ve had from the game. Had to drop off at the end of legion for personal stuff but am now back and looking to get back into a raiding enviroment.
I have been playing rogue for most of the life of this game, and was a GM/RL through most of Legion. Working on gearing up for the next raid and am pretty open to raid almost any days, but prefer times starting at or around 8-9 server.
Mostly looking for the “hardcore casual” playstyle. Ready and able to clear content, while still remembering that it’s a game and meant to be fun. Most of my experience has been heroic farm and trying to push mythics, but always running into roster issues. Would love to find a stable environment without that issue.
If you’ve got a spot for a rogue I’d love to hear from you!

Hey there!

I’m not sure how eager you are to push into mythic progression but our guild is Heroic progression oriented :slight_smile: We are currently 8/8H AOTC on uldir. We would like to have more melee dps in our group.

If you are interested check us out:

Come check out our hardcore, casual, 2 day a week AOTC guild :slight_smile:

Hey Vandab!

Well fun, casual, and AotC grabbing raiders is who we are! We’ve been around the raiding circles for 5 years now and would love to get a rogue into the mix!

Feel free to check out more about us on our recruitment post on Thrall.

Hope to hear from ya!
:+: Foxcee :+: