Returning players looking for an active home

Heya, Currently 422 Rogue with a Warlock buddy looking for an active guild to transfer into. We would be looking for one that has a decently active pvp circle to dip around in also maybe AOTC focused in pve but is good enough that they dont have to rage out to achieve it

want join my causal guild 8/8 normal palace?

Hit me up lathander#1319 I need some good dps for raid, and we have rated bg guild groups, arena teams…

phury raids 10-1 tues/weds and 11-1 mondays - we do optional thursday night stuff it’s been raids on normal but once that is over we will switch to pvp - were currently 5/8h and 8/8n hit me up if ur intrested - we will def get aotc and get a few mythic kills in :slight_smile:

Hey there. We are looking for classes that both of you play. Currently 7/8H jumping to mythic soon. If interested hmu @ Zenedar#1417

Hey there - check us out - we raid Monday and Wednesday from 8pm CST to 11 pm CST. We are AOTC focused, 7/8H with Queen to phase 3. We also run mythic + and are looking to delve into Classic also. If interested reach out on bnet to Moonpie#1732