Returning players looking for a new home

Hey Turalyon, hope you’re all doing well. My partner and I recently just came back to the game after about a year off and we’re looking a for a new guild to call home!

We’re currently on Hyjal looking to transfer to a realm (and guild) with EST hours, and right now Turalyon seems to be like a good choice. I know BFA has been a little rough on guilds in general, but we’re hoping to land somewhere LGBT friendly, decently active, and preferably Horde, but we might be swayed to go Alliance as well.

We both bounce between 2-3 classes, right now my WW Monk is my best geared, but I also play pally and rogue. While he plays resto shaman, balance Druid, and mistweaver monk. We are available almost every afternoon/evening except for Sunday (DnD night) and both like to raid and recognize that we might not be super useful in the current tier as we are, but we’re working on ourselves with hopes to be ready for everything 2020 has to offer.

Above all we’re looking for a cool bunch of people to play and have fun with, so please if you’re interested and think we might be interested too, feel free to leave a reply or reach out to me via battle net, #Jakeolantern1155

Thank you!

If you need a home, or a place holder until you find one feel free to look at us, Annunaki.
We are a small AotC guild that also takes in social//casual players.
I’ll include a link below with more in depth info (you can ignore the raiding stuff) and also a link to our discord server.

Or feel free to add me on btag: eternalinfer#1281

Can check out our guild called Fallout if ya like. We’re horde. We’re here on Turalyon. And we’re fun and also active and solid. : ) Check us out on wowprogress and warcraftlogs. Sieg#1546 or in game message Siegmon, Neobovine or Dd.