Returning Players LF Guild (We found a home! Thank you)

Thank you to all who reached out!

Hey Zendruid,

Reign of Darkness is looking for more DPS for 10.2. We typically raid 9est-11est 2 nights a week(we pick from tues, wed, thurs or sometimes sat).

Most of us are older 30+. We are an AOTC guild and most of us do push keys. If you are interested in chatting my discord is pegis and bnet is Pegis#1405.

Hi! <Âscension> raids on Tues/Thurs 8pm-10:30pm EST. We are currently building our 20 person roster in preparation for Season 3.

Lets chat on discord.

Discord: Raemynn

Hey there zendruid,

Id love to chat with the 3 of you about spots on my roster. Ill send a friend request and leave my info below and hope to chat more in depth soon!

Hey Zendruid and Friends!

Night Renegades is currently recruiting! We are a tight knit gaming community that expands over a few different games.

NR is a Mid-Core AOTC+ guild on Doomhammer/Baelgun that has been around since the start, we are currently open to any roles/classes and are looking for people that are a great fit for our community and raid team. We also have M+ groups that run before raids and on weekends.

If you are interested in a chat or a few group runs please feel free to contact anyone listed below!
Bip-Doomhammer Dudz#1750 (Bnet) Dudz#7637 (Discord)
Bacstabath-Baelgun Eli#1219 (Bnet)

Current Progression:
9/9N&H (Server 1st)
Raid Times:
2000-2300 EST

Guild Application:


Hello There!

My guild, Prosapia, is currently recruiting for our raid team. We are an AOTC focused guild who also does M+ and other shenanigans. More information is in the linked post below. Feel free to reach out to me on Bnet at Nickelbritt#1441. :smiley:

Prosapia Guild Information

Sent you a Discord request. I would like to talk more about Deplete Repeat on Sargeras. AOTC/M+ focus guild. I look forward to talk more.

Greetings Zendruid!

Our raid times fit, so I am dropping our guild info here:

WARCRAFT is a highly active, raiding guild on the merged realms of Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh, and we are recruiting!

AOTC focused Guild established in March of 2015. We have nearly every AOTC since Highmaul and usually dip our toes into mythic.

We are rebuilding! Core spots available. We are looking for reliable players to push progression and end game content.

The raid schedule:
Tuesday 8:30p-11:30p EST
Thursday 8:30p-11:30p EST

You are expected to be on time with flasks, pots, enchants, gems, and smiles. If you need something, just ask! We are a TEAMWORK-oriented guild.

The atmosphere:

We offer a highly active, social, teamwork oriented, adult environment. We believe in player development, including gearing and training players without elitism or cliques. We do not have any ilvl requirements to join our guild. Gear can be easily obtained, but good people are priceless. :slight_smile:

“Special snowflake” accommodations, safe spaces, and “preferred pronouns” not available. Must understand the difference between helping and having control issues. If ex-military leadership causes triggers or meltdowns, this is probably not the guild for you.

Guild Discord server available for your voice chatting needs.

Contact information:
Zoobee-Khadgar (First Officer) (zoobee#1855)

Hi Zendruid,

Our guild, Midlife Crisis, on Area-52 is an AOTC focused guild with a heavy mythic+ active group. Our raid nights are Tue/Wed/Thu 9p-11:45p (eastern). We have AOTC’ both tiers this expansion and are staffing up the roster for Amirdrassil.

We are looking to add several dps classes to the team that will be running Tue/Thu nights on our full 30 person raid team starting on normal. WW, Rogue, Shadow Priest are 2 classes we are looking to fill, while we have 2 hunters, we would be willing to take a 3rd to upgrade and help fill the roster. If the hunter would be interested in any other dps class, we have several other dps roles that we are recruiting to fill also.

Our main recruitment thread can be found on Area-52’s Forum [H/A]<Midlife Crisis> 3/9M Aberuss / AOTC / M+ Keys Guild Recruiting

If you’re interested in talking more please feel free to contact me.
Discord: bigpoppakane
BNET: Karlzmon#1583

Hi if you are still looking here’s our recruitment post to see if we are a good fit for your group. At any rate, Good luck to yall! And hope you find a place soon!

Hi Zandruid,
I am the GM of the guild Gnome Depot. We are currently looking to fill roles on our fri/sat night progression team. We raid from 9:30pm -12:30 EST. We are in the process of picking back up after a long drawn out season and would love to talk to you and see if you are interested in what we have to offer. Im including our link to the guild information for you to look through. If you are interested please dont hesitate to reach out! I hope to hear back from you soon!

Hello fellow gamers!!!

We are an AOTC with some mythic kills Raiding Guild. We raid Thursday 9pm -11pm EST and Friday 9pm-12am EST - looking to add a Tank some extra DPS for our Raid team. Also looking to add some extra bodies (tanks and dps) to our Mythic + teams. As the title says we are opening our doors to Alliance as well. Our raid team achieves AOTC every raid tier with some Mythic boss kills occasionally.

We also run Mythic keys all the time with most of our raiders achieving KSM every tier.

We are always looking for players with drive and determination to push themselves to be the best but also to have fun. That being said, we are looking for a few classes to help us grow:

Aug Evoker

Mythic +

If you are interested or have any questions, then please reach out to me via
Battletag: Beefy#11651
Discord: Beefy#3796

Appreciate your time and as always “May Azeroth Be With You”!!


One Night Affair is an AOTC focused guild raiding only 1 night a week.

Raid times: Tuesday night 8:30-11:30 EST.

OPTIONAL night Thur 9-11 for those looking to do a little more.
Many Mythic+ KSM minded players. Guild Organized M+ runs on Friday Nights!

Vault of the Incarnates
8/8N 8/8H 2/8M

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible
9/9N 9/9H (AOTC in 7 weeks raiding 1 night a week.)

Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope

Raid Leader is a former mythic and CE player. We will focus on using our limited time with efficiency and effectiveness, while maintaining a fun stress free environment.

Recruitment is currently open for:
ALL classes and roles with preference for the following:
Blood DK or Guardian Druid
Demon Hunter
Aug Evoker
Enhancement Shaman

Contact Lucast on Discord