Returning player

I’m back after almost a year hiatus due to school and RL priorities… plus this game was just tedious and dull etc…

Anyway, bought Shadowlands. Now I’m sitting here trying to figure out wtf I’m doing. Trade is dead minus the 10 people selling Mythic/Heroic runs and what have you.
Anyone suggest a good place to start playing again or a TLDR version of what’s going on right now?

This might help? I dunno.

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Thank you. No idea how I missed that.

It’s from over a month ago. Easy to miss. Don’t know why they didn’t pin it.

Might I suggest trying a new server? Zul’jin appears to be Horde dominated by quite a large margin.

Switching to a server with a higher Alliance pop might make the game seem more lively.

Run m+ until 460.

Zul’jin hasn’t changed since she last played.

I main Horde, just have a boosted Alliance that I play on every so often because I have friends over here.

I’m doing the N’zoth stuff now :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone!

Transmog hunting, go run old raids for all the tier sets. Time can never be wasted and the rewards are forever with tmog runs. My goal is to get the legendary cloak on all 12 classes and gear them somewhere between 415-430 and have them fully ready to launch into prepatch at maximum performance.