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So I’ve recently returned to the game after some four-five months away, and I know that might not be a lot of time away as the topic might dictate, but I was curious about a few things thats happened on the realm since my departure.

My interest in this game include RP as well as casual PVP such as WPVP and BGs. Rated is cool and all but I just dont have the IRL time to dedicate to sitting down and grinding out the rating anymore.

I was wondering what player’s thoughts and opinions on the subject of RP and PVP were as far as the server goes between the two factions.

Last I heard before stopping was that Horde had more scarce open RP, and it was more dedicated to in guild RP where as Alliance had a lot of walk up RP but their quality was a little lackluster. And that Horde apparently was the powerhouse of PVP compared to Alliance.

So just curious to see if it still happens to be this way from how it was described before, if things have changed or what have you. Any insiders perspective is greatly appreciated.

Welcome back!

I don’t do PvP, but the Horde Army and many other guilds do. They just finished a months long RP-PvP involving several other Horde/Alliance guilds that resulted in a Horde victory and a parade through the city. We’ve got a couple avid PvP’ers in out guild too, although it’s not really a focus of ours.

As far as RP goes, there’s still plenty of events to be had. Most of the open events are advertised through word of mouth, here on the forums, on Discords, on Tumblr, and other forms of social media. There’s a number of weekly/monthly/annual events and others scheduled pretty much every weekend. Here’s some of them…

Also, lots of guilds hold events that are open to the public. Finding these can be harder for people outside the guild because they just don’t invest the time and effort into advertising them. Find someone that you enjoy RP’ing with though, and chances are good you’ll be more than welcome to attend their guild’s events.

And we have a handy dandy repository of many said guilds right here!

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Plenty of walk ups to be found, if your looking for a casual pvp friendo just look my way brother :slight_smile: Been grinding honor hard here.

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Definitely always down to make new contacts as far as pvp buddies go. Going into random BGs is always fun, but I find it even more fun to do so with friends so yea I’d be down to roll with you and whoever else in your guild happens to PVP.

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A few of us in the Watch PvP frequently! Check us out: Thank you SFW

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