Returning player

Returning player leveling up a warlock almost at 70. Been looking for an active guild I’m really mainly looking for people who are chatty and mostly do mythic + and I might do casual raiding. Looking for something long term, a place where I can actually make friends. Discord preferred. I’m willing to transfer servers, I am on moonrunner right now. I do want to stay alliance and I prefer a guild mostly alliance. Thanks guys! :smiley:


Goood morning Az!

Im from Violet Rose over on Stormrage! We are predominately an alliance guild, and also newish (not even a minth old yet). We are looking for new and returning players to join us!

I see your interested in M+, some raiding well thats perfect! A bunch of us just restarted on the server so we are gearing fresh 70’s and also bouncing around classes finding new mains for s4 and WW! We have had some members pug normal raid last weekend and might go again this weekend. We got people running dungeons and mythics all the time even tho we are small!

We are looking for people that want to be chatty and also have a great sense of community with others!

If anything peaked your interest please dont hesitate to reach out!

Battlenet - Subs#1886
Discord - Jewbaccathehut

Good morning Azsharae!!!

Rez if Found Dead (Area-52) is a new guild looking to build a strong and successful raid team. Our leadership has AOTC/Mythic/End Tier experience. We have been together for the last 3 tiers and hit AOTC each of them. We are able and willing to help those just coming back to the game. Our goal is to achieve Ahead of the Curve for each tier and have a lot of fun in the process. We understand that this is a game and when it’s not fun people don’t want to play, so we try only raid 4 hours a week and try to do fun activities to get the guild involved on off nights. We believe in quality over quantity. A good small group can go farther than a large uncoordinated group.

Raid Times: (tentative)
Tuesday and Thursday 9:00pm - 11:00 PM EST (invites start at 8:45) (may be adjusted based on raid need)

Recruitment needs:
We are currently looking for:
Open recruitment as we are rebuilding.

Be respectful of fellow guild members. Abusive behavior will not be tolerated.
Members are expected to be enchanted, flasked, gemmed, and ready to go.
Able to follow a game plan.
Open to advice from other members.
Positive mindset.
Consistent attendance. We understand life happens and is priority, always.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining please contact:

Gish - Btag: Gishmou#1356 Disc: Gishmou
Stifle - Btag: Stifle#1635 Disc: Stifle85

Hi Azsharae,

I run a small casual EST social Alliance guild on Proudmoore. We are always on discord when we are playing and are rebuilding after not playing since mid shadowlands and plan to run both some mythic+ and casual raid some. We are also super alt friendly as my current guild members each have at least 6 characters.

Happy to chat more if your interested my battle net is wyvernflame#1720 and my discord is wyvernflame

Hello, I’m “Bean” the raid lead for BoE’s raid group. I’m wondering if you’d be interested in trying out for our raid group. We have about 12 dedicated raiders and are looking to fill our ranks. We’re on stormrage. Discord is yomy7

About Empyrean

Hey there! I will keep it mostly short and sweet! Empyrean is a long standing Guild that has resided on Moon Guard since 2017. We are a group of friends who love to hang out together on WoW, or even other games together! Most of us are in our late 20s - early 30’s with 9 to 5 jobs and understand that life can keep you busy. So we spend as much time as we can hanging out, doing M+, some Pvp, and Old T-Mog Raids!!

Raid Team Recruitment

Currently, we are rebuilding a raid team since we had real life kinda hit us like a truck and caused us as a guild to need to take time off. When we came back, half of our raid team had moved on to other situations and those of us who are left are interested in rebuilding and moving on. Currently we are recruiting for a 2/3/9 or 2/4/12 group size!

Raiding Expectations

We expect everyone will come to raid gemmed, enchanted, & preferably 10 minutes early. Please have knowledge of your class and role you play, be willing to ask questions as needed and don’t be afraid to let us know if you are struggling. We will always do our best to help you out! For attendance, we would prefer you make it to at the very least 80% of our raid nights. As stated before we know life can get busy and as long as you let us know that you will be late/missing ((if you can of course, barring an emergency then please put yourself/the situation first.)) all will be well.

Side Note - The guild will almost ALWAYS provide food & flasks for everyone. If you need/want potions to pop we also have those too.

  • Raid Team: AOTC Focused
  • Progression: 9/9N & 8/9H
  • Times: Thursday & Friday: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM (CST)
  • Needs: Ranged DPS, and Healers. (Everyone is encouraged to apply but we are pretty full on melee at the moment.)

Other Stuff

We love running Mythic + and few of us are really interested in pushing high keys or just running mythic + in general! We also enjoy Transmog & Achievement runs, as well as a bit of PVP on the side.

A lot of our guildies enjoy playing other games together such as Minecraft, Helldivers, Destiny, LoL, and many other things I cannot remember off the top of my head!

As an aside, Server Transferring is NOT required for you to join us! Though we’d love to have you!!

Interested in Joining or Learning More? Contact

  • Tavaena / Tatiana - Guild Master
  • Kaeyriel - Co GM/Raid Leader
  • Discord - trinket.heart or radiantyeen
  • BTag - GlitchFox #11676

We hope to hear from you soon ^-^/)

Hello Azsharae, welcome back to Azeroth! Our guild In a Pickle on Thrall is an aotc and fun events guild. We might be what you’re looking for! We’re always looking for more to join in on M+ adventures. We’re a super casual aotc guild, we’re normally bantering and having a lot of laughs, especially on trash and farm bosses. Outside of M+ and raiding we host fun events: Fun Runs every Saturday (older/newer raids for achieves/tmogs/mounts), bi-monthly guild lottery, transmog contests, guild gambling night.

Would love to chat more to see if we’d be a good fit!
Bnet: Neithia#1315
Disc: neithia

our second team is more on the casual side [H/A] <Dont Tease Me Bro> Recruiting raiders for 2 teams


I just started a new cross faction guild called Powerpuff on Azgalor (Azshara, Blood Furnace, Destromath, Mannoroth, Nazjatar, Thunderlord).

Trying to find some people who enjoy running similar content
Old Dungeon/Raid Mount Runs, Transmog Runs, Pet Battles/Collecting, World Content, Current Raids, Mythic keys and more

You’re more than welcome to join if you haven’t found a guild

you can add me on discord - Rekie or add me on battlenet - Rekieuwu#1482

here is my guild posting if you want to check it out :slight_smile: (Azgalor) Powerpuff Recruiting <3

My guild and raid group are looking for members (No requirement to join the guild to raid)
We are based on Misha/Rexxar but any and all are welcome to join the discord and run content with the group.

Raid times are Wed-Thurs, 6:30PM - 9:30 PM MST and we do M+ on Fridays. When not raiding, I run regular tmog/mount runs.
Raid is looking for DPS/Healers (no specific classes required. play what’s fun for you.)
M+ is looking for all.

We’re a chill group that goes by the rule “Real life before game life”. Our goals are to get as many people that want it their M+ season mount and to get AOTC for each tier. Aside from that, we’ve got several altaholics, collectors, and achievement chasers. We’re cross faction and looking to be cross realm in TWW.

Discord: caustickreature
BNet: Telestria#11570

I’m posting the usual shtick for the guild, but we have plenty of people who run keys daily!

Guild & Server: Karma Gaming-Proudmoore
Raid Time/Day: Wed 8:30-11:30, Thurs 9:00-12:30 PDT
Current Progression: 9/9H AATDH | 9/9H AATSC | 7/8H AVOTI
Recruitment Contact:
Discord: swiftshifterz, or holyhotdogs
BNET: Shadowfyre#1345 or Gilligan#1831

Sounds like you would be a good fit for what we are building with Chaos by Design!

We are on Stormrage US and are AOTC-focused with just 4 hours of raiding per week. We raid on Thursday and Sunday from 8:30 - 10:30pm EST.

Happy to chat BNET: Sinister#1675 or Discord: sinister01

Here is our recruitment post:

Hi there Azsharae!
We are looking for players who are wanting to raid, run m+ and other guild events. We have a semi-hardcore AOTC team and are currently working on building a 2nd raid team which will be more casual. Id love to chat if you are still looking for a guild! The link to our guild information is

If your interested, send me a dm!