Returning player, seeking friends~

hello! i am 27/f and my highest character is alliance on shadowsong. i haven’t played in over a decade. if anyone is ok with a total noob, and would like some companionship while we do dungeons, quests, etc? i have discord and am open to making a new character on different factions/servers too. i just am overwhelmed logging on and trying to remember what i was last doing lol. ^^;;;

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Hello! I’m in your same boat. 30/M Active Military here looking for friends to play and level up with. If interested my discord is EVOL#1911. I’d love to start a new character and level with someone. LMK!

hello, just added you ^^ my discord has a picture of a little dog :slight_smile:

Hey! Also down to level and possibly get a group going. Trying to return to the game after so long. Krowz#5228 is my discord if you wanna play.

added ya :smiley:

add as well, we’re in my cord server. Just made new characters on Tichondrius.

I’m also always looking for more friends. I don’t mind doing leveling content (PvE or PvP) or end game content (PvE or PvP again). More the merrier right?

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added ya :dagger: just kidding, it says its not spelt right? :open_mouth:

Little late to the party, but im in basically the same boat as you, add me on discord if you’re still looking for new friends/players


If you’re still looking for people, my discord is Sendi#2388 . I’m always looking for new people to play with.

I’m also a returning 39/m (man I’m getting ancient). I’m pretty much like you, soloing and trying to remember/figure what I was doing. My discord is Balkur#0428 if anyone is looking for someone to play with.

Howdy! I’m also late to this party it seems. I’m not really a returning player, but I am a filthy casual these days. 41/m here, between family, work (swing shift), and other irl factors…my WoW time is wildly inconsistent. That said, I’m always looking for chill people to enjoy this game with when I can :slight_smile:

PS: I have characters on both factions and a few different servers. Also willing to reroll either faction on a completely different server.

Bnet: Yakkers #1225

Discord: Yakkers#8616

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if yall wanna jump in our server, we’re organizing mythic+, raid, and PVP teams for this season and we intend on hitting some goals! Were NA Horde on illidan!

New to WoW and looking for some people to play with. Have toons on both Horde and Alliance. Willing to making a new toon if needed. I have discord as well.


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I am in a similar situation here! My game time is random at best. Currently just a casual/solo player. I am always looking to meet new people/players. I mainly play Alliance.

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Hi friends! Please consider joining our Community! While our name accurately describes our most attended activities, we host Mythic+ three times a week, complete Timewalking, weekly Mythic Zero Dungeons, and World Quest Bonus quests when up!

We are about 300 strong at this point and we are filled with active, kind, and fun people to play with. Take a look at the link below and join us on the Weekends and every day for some gaming fun! Thanks!

im down to play. AdamBurke#1464 is my btag