Returning player looking for RP

I’m an old wow player and rper returning for the first time in a while to my good old home of Wyrmrest Accord. I’m wondering if and we’re any rp or rp guilds are? I’m open to pretty much anything!

I’m sure there’s plenty to find! That said, if you’re an alliance man, I might want to recommend checking out Moon Guard. Not that WrA lacks quality Alli RP, but Moon Guard has a significantly higher population.

Ishnu’alah Danu,
Welcome back to World of Warcraft and Wyrmrest Accord!

I highly recommend visiting: WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events) to see what sort of roleplay guilds are listed that may interest you.

In the meantime, perhaps you could share with us what type of roleplay themes you might be interested in so we can better assist you.


Welcome to WRA comrade,Come, bear witness.

Thanks for the welcomes :grin: also Thanks I’ll check out the directory! And like I said I’m open to really any kinds of rp or theme rather it be adventure based or crime. Also I’ll definitely check out Moonguard cause Alliance is my home!

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WRA Alliance is definitely still going though! If you’d prefer to hang on WRA you’ll still find Alliance RP.


Recommendation for when you’re bored in Stormwind:

  1. Come to Cathedral area.
  2. Stand next to Marlellea (human priest) for a min.
  3. She’ll start emoting /smiles and /waves at you.
  4. Instant buddies.
  5. ???
  6. Other RPers come out of nowhere and dramatic, intense, and exciting RP scenarios ensue.