Returning player looking for Mountain time guild


hey there,

I’ve been thinking about returning after a few months away. I was a decent raider in Legion, but stopped shortly into Battle for Azeroth. I was having trouble finding a Mountain time, or Alaskan guild. I am giving this another shot. I am a mature person, looking for a semi casual home. My days and time is flexible, just looking for something closer to me. Horde or alliance, I have toons on either side. Thanks.

(Amateria) #2

Hi Cricket,

Dark Origin may fit your needs. While our server, Korgath, isn’t a Mountain timezone, our raids our MST friendly. We raid Thursdays and Sundays from 8-10pm MST and our members mostly live in PST or CST time zones, so that is the time we are most active.

Dark Origin is an adult, casual, 2-day, heroic only guild looking for more DPS to join our team. We will not be doing mythic raiding.

Current Progress:
9/9N BoD
9/9H BoD
2/2N CoS
1/2H CoS

We have successfully achieved AoTC each tier and our goal is to continue to do so. Once we finish heroic we generally go back and complete all the raid achievements for the tier.

Raid Times:
Thursdays: 9-11pm CST
Sundays: 9-11pm CST

We are a no-drama group of adults, most of us in our 30s and up, who have families, jobs, etc. We expect regular attendance to our raids, but understand when things come up. It can be fairly quiet during non-raid times but we do like to organize mythic+ runs weekly.

If it sounds like we may be a good fit, please add me Amateria#1632 and lets chat.


Boat shoes and scotch are recruiting for 8.2 we transferred over from korgath and now are rebuilding our raid team and community. Raid times are wed thurs fri 8:30pm to 11 server. Accepting rerolls, transfer, and boosts. Look forward to hearing from u