Returning player looking for more casual paced heroic guild

I’m returning from shortly after 8.1 released. At the time, I was a little burned out from trying to move into mythic raiding and the struggles/grind that came with it.

I’m looking to come back and play a little more casually in a Heroic focused guild. I still enjoy trying to optimize my play and do well, but I’m looking for a more laid back environment with less of a time commitment than a typical progression guild.

I’ve only been back for a week or so (I’m still only 440ilvl right now), trying to catch up on 8.2 stuff to get flying/essences and chipping away at upgrading my cloak.

I mainly play Balance spec, but willing to fill in as Resto when needed.

Would be looking for a guild that mainly raids on weekend evenings preferably starting at 6pm PST / 9pm EST or later with relaxed attendance requirements.

I’m on the Kil’Jaeden server now, but potentially willing to transfer to a server as long as it has a higher population than KJ does.

Heya Mawu,

Dunno if you’re up to considering Alliance, but if so, allow me to introduce you to my (somewhat crazy) in-game family;

The Quick and Dirty:
Guild & Server: Final Stand, Duskwood (Connected Bloodhoof)
Raid Times/Days: Friday/Saturday 9:00 PM - 12:00 PM EST (2100-2400)
Current Progression: Ny’alotha 8/12H, The Eternal Palace 8/8H
Recruitment Contacts: Primary: Kalsam (Discord @KalsamRetritro#5867 /Bnet Kalsam#1794)
Optional: Dobby (Dobby#1806), Lollie (Lollie#1170), or any officer in-game
Wowprogress: /
Raiderio: /
Requirements: Be Fun, Open and Diverse. Understand your role, and be willing to take constructive criticism.
Needs: One to Two Healers - Pref; Priest, Shaman or Paladin, Havoc DH, and Ranged DPS; Our WoWProgress is always up to date on what is needed.

Expanded Introduction:
Final Stand is one of the oldest raiding guilds on Duskwood. We are a raiding guild with a relaxed approach to raiding and are looking for players interested in working on progression, can play well with others, and are always willing to learn with a good attitude. Our focus each raid tier is at least AotC, with Mythic as determined based on the groups desires.

Raid times are Friday and Saturday 9:00-12:00 PM EST. With a five minute break roughly every hour.
Flasks and Food are provided for progression, and many in the guild are willing to make potions and more for reduced costs to guildmates. Enchants and gems are available for raiders.

We like to do more than just play WoW. Our discord is often filled with people playing a wide variety of games and we encourage all who join to jump in.

Anyone interested in finding a home more than just a guild is encouraged to PST online (or bnet) to Dobby (Dobby#1806), Lollie (Lollie#1170), Kalsam (Kalsam#1794), Tirnotham, or Nahmbra.

Ahhhh I dream of a boomie - but we raid during the week…and 8pm EST so maybe it’s not the best for you there.

BUT I thought I’d spam out info anyway on the sheer CHANCE of it working out! We’re super high pop on A-52 and we’re a relaxed progression guild (not CE focused, still here for fun and not killing ourselves over the game!)

</Ninja Kittenz/> is a fun, active guild with Mythic focus that would love to add more solid ranged to our team. We’re specifically looking for players who like progress without the elitist attitude. We pride ourselves in being active on and off raid times and are hoping for players who will do the same.

Raid Times:
Tues+Thurs 8-11pm EST

11/12H Nya // 3/8M, 8/8H

We also run Mythic Keys every day.
We run an M+ community through our disc - join our discord, try us!

B-net: Saxx#1747
Disc: Abs#5438

We’re a former mythic weekend guild that’s just returned and are gonna take the rest of the tier at a relaxed pace until next expansion. Sounds like we’d be a great fit. Come hit us up:

Hey Mawu! < HordeCore > |H| is looking for members to fill our roster. Attached is our recruitment post. Let me know if you have any questions or want to trial with us. :slight_smile:

Wazzzzzzzzzzzup Gangsters! [H] < HordeCore > Tichondrius is a Semi-Hardcore Heroic raiding guild. Once we clear Heroic, we will be moving onto Mythic Ny’alotha. We raid 3 days per week. In Ny’alotha, we’re 8/12H, 11/12N.

We Raid:
Friday - Normal Ny’alotha Alt Run or Heroic/Mythic EP
Saturday & Sunday - Heroic Ny’alotha
8:00-11:00 PST/Server
Invites go out 30 minutes prior to the start.
We have 1 break for 5 minutes at 9:30 Server, halfway through the raid time.

Our team is relaxed, we have fun, joking and laughing while we progress through the raid. Our goal is to get into Mythic this raid tier, (We will start after we clear heroic).

Our demographic is the early 20s to 30s.
Note, we are an 18+ guild.

What we’re looking for:
Tank: None
Healers: Resto Shaman
MELE DPS: Havoc DH (Pref with Tank off-spec) and Unholy DK (Pref with Tank off-spec)
RANGED DPS: Fire Mage, Shadow Priest (Pref with Heal off-spec), Elemental Shaman.

Heroic Minimum Raid Requirements:
Cloak Level - 10
Heart Level - 75
Item Level - 445
At least 40k DPS sustained.

Other than Raiding, we push M+ weekly and PVP.

If you are interested in joining, have any questions, or want to chat, here are the best ways to contact us.

If you want to join our discord channel, the code is below.


Recruitment and Discord Officer
Bnet - Maplemurlock#1956
Discord - Dawnslaÿer/Mùnk#0257

Guild Master
Bnet - Meatshield#11770
Discord - Beefy#2889

Raid Lead / Raid Officer
Bnet - Pfftweown#1238
Discord - pfftweown#7841