Returning player looking for late night raiding guild

It’s been a bit but I was tanking for heroic raids at the beginning of BFA before my guild fell apart and ultimately ended up becoming a Classic guild. I’m willing to reroll and play whatever role is needed of me I just need to scratch that itch of endgame raiding. Looking for a raid team starting 11 PM EST or later. Thanks guys

Hi We raid Fri/Sat from 8pm-10:30 pst on MalG, looking for more dps. If those day/times work for you I’d love to chat on disc Mae#0128

I sent you a friend request on discord, i’m also looking for the same thing

Hi Rollins,

I don’t know if you’ve already found a new home, but if you’re still on the hunt, feel free to give us a look. My guild < Part Time Heroes > on Hyjal is a casual raiding guild. Our Heroic Raid Team is focused on getting AotC and a handful of Mythic Bosses before the tier is finished. We are currently gearing up for SoD and we could use a capable raider to help us reach our goal!

Our raid days/times are T/W 8-11pm PST. Not sure if that aligns well with what you’re looking for, but if you can swing the times, we may be a good fit! If you’re interested, I’d love to chat!

My Btag and a link to our guild post are below. Hoping to hear from you soon! Thanks!



Hey Rollins- we’re a 7/10M Group LFM!

H A V E N on Stormrage is a friendly semi-hardcore, CE-focused raid guild looking for solid players. We expect our raiders to ENJOY the game, be good people, play the hell out of their favorite class/spec, and to have a non-toxic, respectful raid environment. 9.1 is getting closer and we’re looking to get a solid roster right into the start of the tier! Feet pics are highly encouraged and a hate for goblins is mandatory~~~

Raid Times/Days: Wed/Fri 2AM to 5AM EST (Tues+Thurs 11PM to 2AM PST).

Recruitment Contacts: Discord:
Ftramza#2488 (Bnet ID Ftramza#1723)
Sheepp#6867 (Bnet ID Julie#1784),

Hello! Our guild Odyssey is looking for Members to join our roster.
Faction: Horde
Server: Mal’Ganis
Progress: 10/10H 3/10M
Raid Times: Mon/Wed - 8:00pm-11:00pm (CST)

We are a tight nit small guild looking to progress in to mythic raiding; We are trying to form a strong community and are hoping to find more people to play with. so please reach out! We are active in discord, running M+ every night, We do RBGS and much more.

If you’d like to ask any questions just post them or add my Btag!

Bnet: Malibran#1131

You can reach me at Disc: Malibran#1980

Hey Rollins,

Reformation is an Alliance guild, if you’re up for a change of factions, on the Shadow Council server node. We run a light raiding schedule, finish normal and work on heroic. We’re not an AotC focused guild. For us, it’s more about having fun in a community. Our second raid team would work with your schedule. We’re looking for a tank or dps to help round out that team. My BNet tag is in our general info post below. Look me up if you’d like to chat and find out more about us.

Reformation is recruiting!

Faction: Alliance
Server: Shadow Council node (SC, BWR, SoE, CC)
Activities: Social, Collectors, Normal Raiding, M+

Are you looking to add a social aspect to your gaming time?
Do you collect transmogs, mounts, pets or run content for the achievements?
Want to run dungeons or learn to raid?

Reformation is a family friendly guild that enjoys the social side of the game. We work with players to help them build their skills so that they can enjoy their WoW. We are building a community that wants to progress “Glory of” achievements and support each other as we all progress our in-game goals. Regular calendar events are posted, or guild chat and discord support for those that can’t make scheduled event times but still want to be part of a larger community.

Our goal is to have fun in a friendly environment.

We are adding people to the guild who bring a positive vibe and want to enjoy all aspects of the game.

We have 2 Raid Teams running for current tier content that run one night per WoW week for 2 hours.

Raid Team 1: Every second Sunday and Thursday from 6-8 server time (8-10 eastern).
Raid Team 2: Wednesdays from 9-11 server time (11:30-1:30 eastern, 8:30-10:30 pacific).

Reform the social side of the game with Reformation.

Contact me through BNet at Samvimes #11432 or ask anybody in the guild to speak with Sam in game.


Great group of people who know how to enjoy the game. The casual atmosphere and working together to answer questions, low level keys - high level keys, just learning dungeons and raids etc.