Returning Player Looking for Guild

Hello all!

Returning player looking to join an active guild. My main focus will most likely be dungeons and raid time permitting. Probably a 10PM EST start time. Trying out a tank for the first time, but gonna lvl DPS since that is what i usually main. I am also very flexible with what ever the guild wants.

Look forward to hearing from you all!



Hi there Venom,
I am the GM of the guild Gnome Depot. We are currently looking to fill roles on our fri/sat night progression team. We raid from 9:30pm -12:30 EST. We are in the process of picking back up after a long drawn out season and would love to talk to you and see if you are interested in what we have to offer. Im including our link to the guild information for you to look through. If you are interested please dont hesitate to reach out! I hope to hear back from you soon!