Returning player looking for Guild

Hello everyone, returning player off of a very long break. The last time I played was legion launch and the last time I raided was BRF. My personal life(can explain if needed) kept me away from the game the last several years but I am looking for a new group to play the game with.

I’d love to find an AOTC guild or maybe a more relaxed mythic prog guild to play with. I’m also incredibly interested in pushing m+ keys as that wasn’t in the game the last time I was playing. I’m central time US and the only two days I would not be available on a weekly basis would be Tuesdays and Fridays. I prefer to main tank but am open to playing a dps with a tank off spec if thats what the guild would need.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to chat - Bnet tag MasonK#1770

Hiya Backwoodz!

[A] House Brighthammer (Wyrmrest Accord) is a smallish guild that raids Normal/Heroic (and sometimes dabbles in Mythic), does M+, and sometimes other activities together. We’re doing the Fated raids in Normal for the Slime Kitty and some Dinar, but will be returning to our AOTC focus in Dragonflight. We’ve been looking for more dps and would like to invite you to check out our team. Raid times are Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday 7-9PM Pacific. We use two-way Discord communication. If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you at Aristiri #1425 Bnet, or Akaitaka #9181 on Discord.

you look like a great fit for our guild

Sinafay: Btag – Kitsune#1784; Discord – Sinafay#3443
Chewtabacca: Btag – Chewtabacca#11193; Discord - Pookiejones#1829

IngloriousBastardos -Korgath is looking for people interested in doing Mythic + and raiding and PVP.
We are a progressive guild that is looking to have two Raid teams for DF.
We are a cross fraction guild. Not only do we have an alliance guild but horde also. No need to fraction change to come join us.

We like to keep things fun and relaxed regardless of what we are doing. We are friends and teammates first. We like to progress and grow but we are also family oriented, and know we all have a life outside of the game. We are an 18+ guild.
If you are Interested please message Zanaria

Discord- Shamshieldz #4137
Bnet- DireRaven#1545628

Hello there! Right now we are looking for healers and dps so Im not sure if we would fit into what you are looking for but We had a few other things that you seemed to have wanted. We are an aotc focused guild that pushes mythic plus every evening/night. We understand life comes first so no you would not need to explain why you havent been playing. We also raid on your available days! Fri-Sat! Here is our guild link if your interested in knowing more about our environment in our little guild family! If you decide we may fit your interests please feel free to reach out to me on discord at Byndi#5161! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Hello Backwoodz,

We’re looking for a Tank or DPS for our semi-casual Mythic raiding guild. We raid on Mon/Wed from 9PM-11PM. If you’d like to raid with us during the initial Heroic clears, you’re welcome to do so cross-realm before committing.


Cole (Battle Tag: #Cole13370)