Returning player looking for Guild. Horde or Alliance

Hello, I took an extended break from retail at the beginning of CN due to a lack of interest in Shadowlands so I have been playing Classic since.

I am looking for a guild that is AotC focused and one that does M+

My prior raiding exp goes back to Wrath through till Nyalotha doing mythic progression for most xpacs / tiers of content.

My availability : I can raid most days of the week however due to work I cannot commit to Sunday and Thursday. The other 5 days of the week however again as I mentioned above “later at night” IE 6:30 - 7:00 PM PST are the most ideal starting times for me.

The best ways to reach me will be through Discord : Mephisto#8519 or through Bnet : Zero#124313

hi i wanted to reach out and drop our guild spam. We raid on fri and sat. 9:30pm-12:30 EST. If you might be interested in joining our family you can reach me on discord at Byndi#5161