Returning Player looking for advice

Hey All,

So I have returned after quite a hiatus and I am really enjoying it. I have 4 toons at level 70 and are all around the point where I am being asked to kill Fyrakk in Amirdrassil. I haven’t done any instances in my return, so I am a little unsure. All of my toons are item level 430 to 440 or so.

So, how high an item level do I need to get before looking at joining a Fyrakk group? Do PUGs happen for this? Right now, I am in a guild with literally just 2 people in it, me and a real life friend of mine who also recently returned. I am also not super sure about rotations or what kind of DPS I would be expected to pull; I definitely don’t want to embarrass myself here.

Any advice here?


Late to the party, but LFR applies to the quests too :slight_smile:

424 only for that

Do LFR. If you are unsure on your rotation the mod MAXDPS helps alot. It shows you a white outline on your abilites to use to get your rotation down. Its helpful when you are learning your abilites. It isn’t the end all be all but will get your foot in the door of your rotation.

DH rotation is kinda punishing if you mess it up definitely wanna get that down. A tip for DH many might not know is the hunt dot is multiplicative so damage amps like inertia will make it hit harder after it’s already on mobs. You also don’t need to travel through mobs with the hunt to apply the dot, can side step after reaching target and it will spread.