Returning player looking for a social guild


Hi there!
I am looking for something cosy and social.
Rather used to raiding and dungeons.
I think I will be maining a Blood/unholy dk and a healer (mistweaver or holy paladin).


Hi Blodhov! I am the guild leader of Last Sanctuary on Turalyon, and we are looking for more friendly, social players to join our community.

Last Sanctuary is a social, casual guild that explores various content together in the game. We are currently enjoying Mythic+s and PvP, but as we grow, we are looking to get back into heroic progression raiding in 8.2. Our main event times are Sundays & Mondays at 8 PM - 11 PM EST, although guildies often group up throughout the week to do runs and level together.

We would be happy to support you if you would like to level a new character on our server. Feel free to add me if you have any questions: CrosseAAH#1381.