Returning player looking before Dragonflight

Since all my friends have stopped playing im looking to find new people to play with. I’m a returning player that hasn’t played regularly since about Cata or MoP. Ive played off and on since but not enough to delve into any of the systems. I wanted to find a community before Dragonflight releases.
I wanted to get into raiding, dungeon runs, transmog, and the other stuff I’ve missed throughout the years. Normally I don’t play until 1130 pm est. During the week, with the exception of Tuesday (I’m off so I can be available around 7/8pm est). Sat and Sun I’m usually available after 8.
Currently I am finishing up Shadowlands on my warrior but I’m also making a druid alt to try to heal and tank.

Hey, hit me up! I mostly enjoy leveling and doing odds and ends but I enjoy casual Dungeons as well. Epichealer#1794