Returning player looking around

After my long break, from shadowlands with a more promising future ahead and with it being less than 6 months out, figured it was time to start the old head hunt again. So booting up with this whole process, i have been outta the game for maybe over a year or so now, then when i came back maybe a month ago waiting for pre orders. I really have just been gold farming, and doing kinda like odds and ends kinda things. Normally I enjoy raiding and keys since it’s really all I play the game for is to push mythic content and push high end keys. Just really didn’t jive well with this xpac so burnt out set in hard and fast for me, that and not being able to find a stable home really killed my vibe. Since I hate bouncing around from guild to guild every few months or every tier and such, so looking for a decent fit for me. That will fill my needs in the game and make me enjoy playing it.

Bit about what I want out of the game, I want to try and clear the highest difficulty in the time allotted by blizzard to do so, now I don’t wanna break my back doing it since it’s still a game and not a job. So when it comes to atmosphere I prefer an open and transparent dialogue, ie what character am I bringing to x fight or what fight am I sitting out on prog for x class and such. I also prefer it where its light and comedical outside of raids, and just a good place to shoot the insert word for fun, then in raids still got the bants but when it’s game time, it’s game time. I also really enjoy pushing keys. I always get my ksm when I do play but i always wanted to do much higher but never really had a group of people dedicated to it so it always fell on the back burner.

When it comes to raiding I have a pretty relaxed schedule where I can make anywhere (all times are est) any time starting after 830pm is ideal and I would like to be off the computer by 2am. I prefer a Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday schedule just so I can knock all the days out in a row and then so I don’t lose my groove on a prog boss and get all rusty. I am open to other days like Monday,Thursday and possibly Friday, only days I won’t do are Saturday and Sunday since those are family time and me time.

I like to play melee dps in raids with some range, I don’t really play a lot of em I do enjoy tanking and the melee classes. I enjoy most are mostly all hybrids that can tank since I also like being the third tank on fights so wouldn’t be opposed to tanking full time. In terms of what I like to do it would have to go melee, tank,ranged, and then lastly healing since that is probably my weakest role out of all of em. I will make a list of what I would like to play in order for melee and tank, then can talk about ranged or healing as an option, they will be descending in terms of how much i would want to play em.















I am not dead set on any class or anything, since I never have been. I generally try and keep one or 2 geared alts, for things like if the current main isn’t good on x fight I have x class in the wings ready to go. I also play what is strong for that tier and makes the most sense for me and the raid comp.

I can’t really think of what else I would like to add for a returning player looking for a home, I am never very good at these, I do have past logs from bfa and such and then some from this expansion but didn’t really do much raiding, or push myself. O i’m also not down to clown with guilds with like 12 raid teams either, I like my one guild one raid team kinda environment. With that said hopefully i can find the right fit for me you can message me on discord at sparkytiz#4769 or through bnet at sparkytiz#11424. Or can leave your spam down below but to be honest I will be more responsive on discord then any other option, so would prefer that over anything. Anyway though I hope everyone is being safe and enjoying their time and hope y’all have a good morning, afternoon and even better evening and night.

Still looking around

Still looking

Hey Goldenloko,

I am GM over at Project Cloverfield and I was wondering if you would be interested in chatting a bit about joining our guild.

Please add me at bruneski#1367 and I look forward to speaking with you. In the meantime, check out our post here