Returning player LF New/Newer Guild [Area 52]


Hello, I’m a returning player I haven’t played in a few years and I created a new character (Rouge) on area 52 currently level 14 but looking for people to do dungs and raids(later) with


Are you tired of playing alone? Are you bored with the game? Dark Asylum is a guild in the making.

The whole goal of Dark Asylum is to give players a fresh start. Do you want to level a new toon? Do you want to meet new people? This is what the guild is for.

Based on Thrall horde side. Dark Asylum is recruiting all members. No toxicity or drama allowed. Raid times and other events will be scheduled as the guild grows bigger.

We accept returning players, new players, experienced players, casual players. Their is a place in this guild for you.

While I will be leveling a toon. I also have a few 120s to run end game content with. As the guild builds, officers, and raid leads will be selected. I would like for this guild to be a AOTC guild with a somewhat casual mindset.

This guild is still in the making. And it is mothers day. (Happy mothers day to all the wonderful WoW moms).

If your interested in becoming part of something from the start. Message here and leave your bnet. I’ll be in touch. I plan to be in game later this afternoon to finish guild signatures. I have a discord setup for the most part and will be working on a few other things also.

Leave you bnet in the reply and let’s talk!