Returning player LF Guild, Sunday Night Raiding


Hello All,
As it says in the title, I am a returning player looking for a raiding community that raids Heroic Sunday nights. I am am available sporadically throughout the week for other events but can only commit to Sunday nights. I can play Havoc DM, Mage, Resto or Balance druid, or BM hunter at a raiding level thought I will need to gear a bit since I am returning. I also prefer Alliance.
A bit about me, I have played since BC, I have raided on and off since then. I was once part of the mythic raid scene but stopped back in WoD since I started my family. I am a working adult with a family, which will always come first, but I do LOVE wow and I would like a home to enjoy for the rest of my days. Fun in the game is important to me and I would like to clear the current content with those I can call friends. Please hit me up whenever!

(Jaymie) #2

Check out Raid 4 at!


Looks good! Thank you!