Returning player, is DH worth playing?

Haven’t played since BFA, leveling a havoc DH to maybe main. Is it worth playing currently? I see everyone kinda freaking out over the state of DH in these forums so definitely not giving me a good impression lol.

Are you doing world first raiding/world first keys?

If the answer is no, do you enjoy either DH spec?

If that answer is yes, then yes.

The forum is full of doomers. Playing DH (or any class/spec) will not be what holds 99.9% of the playerbase back from completing the content they’re facing.

Vengeance is very enjoyable and it seems like most of the problems that held me back from off-specing havoc outside of raid are being addressed, so assuming the problems with the class tree are fixed and Vengeance gets a decent soft-rework I’d be more than obliged to say at least try it.

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Not really accurate. Every guild only runs one DH for a reason, the damage just ain’t it. Actively starting out playing a DH is going to put a massive gimp on yourself, you won’t get invited to keys, ever. Going to be harder to join a raiding guild.

Idk fam. I’d suggest something not F tier.

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The guild thing is the only valid response, and even then most casual AOTC guilds (which are the majority of guilds believe it or not) don’t care as much. Likewise, 99.9% of the playerbase isn’t going to find it very difficult to get into keys, at least relative to any other spec, especially so if you have any friends/guildmates/groups like WME/etc.

DH, Havoc or Vengeance, really aren’t F tier, at least currently, by any means and dooming doesn’t help.

This is complete garbage for anyone not competing for world first.

I’m one of the best DHs and I feel terrible playing the class. Mages/Locks/Evokers/Wars/DKs/Shamans/SP all gap DH on the meters by quite a bit, I legit have more fun on my warrior by a long shot and warriors aren’t even OP, just middle of the pack. Imagine playing a actually S tier class.

Whether the class is good for one of the best players on the spec is irrelevant for 99% of the playerbase, though

Literally not even the same game

All I’m saying is, going from BFA DH when it was king to DF DH where you’re starting at the bottom probably isn’t the best investment of your time.

best dh


Tfw you barked up this tree once before and then didn’t show your face for a week.

You don’t believe the guy posting with a private profile and using a classic avatar? Come on man give him the benefit of the doubt at least


depends, its nothing like bfa, the output is pretty pathetic for the work required as some mentioned. its outshined in every form of content while requiring way more investment (pvp and pve)

the current playstyle has you forced into a discount warrior playstyle of basically doing nothing but filling with weak hitting globals until your colossal smash (essence break) comes up and you set up a big go for most of your output until you can do it again. all while spamming weak hitting pretty pathetically outside of that 4 second window.

if you enjoyed bfa havoc, you will probably hate the current iteration. That said the new talent tree has potential if they allow for other playstyles outside of essence break. If break continues to reign supreme due to its power and Know Your Enemy, then nothing will chance.

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Buddy, at the start of this patch you did this same thing and I showed you my 447 crawg tusk week 1 from vault. You haven’t even timed a 20 yet and it’s like week 38.

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I myslef dont think dh is fun. A lot of my buddies dh had quit due to havoc requirements to move a lot and which isn’t the most bad thing but its more about its dmg pay off. Not very rewarding for the work required. Also net very good ST raid dmg.

It is more action focused play style so it will change up your gameplay. With any other class I dont to have worry about positioning vr or fr into danger.

I m back for the rework. It ll decide if I ll stay or not.

Post on your dh then not an alt

I enjoy tanking as a DH. Had some trouble in the beginning but now ive got the hang of it. I find it more fun than other tanks, and the DPS spec is also a lot of fun.