Returning Player Help

Hey! With the announcement of Shadowlands, i’ve been thinking about returning to the game. I wasn’t really impressed with the direction of BFA, and since i’m a college student finishing their last few semesters, I decided to save the money. But now, my interest has peaked again. I have a couple of questions before i consider getting back into it.

1: What’s the state of WoW nowadays? Kind of a broad question, but take with it what you will. I last played during legion. I played the raid in the LFR a few times and left after that. I’m huge into the Lore and Roleplaying so that has always interested me.

  1. Any beginning guides for PVP? I’ve always wanted to get good at PVP and have people stop yelling at me and telling me how terrible I am. Specifically for a Death Knight.

  2. Any Guides for Raiding for Death Knights? specifically for DPS considering i’m very casual?

  3. Since i am a ridiculously casual player, are there any guilds recruiting that would be welcoming for noobs (maybe not noobs since i’ve had a hand since Wrath of the Lich King, but just a terrible player) and would help me become a better player in the future? I still have a few semesters left, so i’m not extremely available all the time, but i would like to visit my Death Knight and Demon Hunter again.

  4. What’s your favorite transmog for Death Knights and Demon Hunters? I have such a hard-on for the Lich King Design (Arthas, and the new Bolvar model in the trailer) and the Demon Hunter cosmetic designs for character creation are awesome. Any suggestions would be great.

P.S. Blizzard, if you’re listening, I saw that you’re making changes to Race Customization, and i’m just saying, there’s a lot of potential for cosmetics for specific classes. Fel/Red eyes for Warlocks and Demon Hunters. More cosmetics for Death Knights, Yellow Eyes for Paladins and Priests. Maybe even illusion effects for specific classes? CLOAKS. Get creative with the cloaks! There’s so much potential there. I saw in Shadowlands some good ideas with the wings. Take it further please. Bat wings like Illidan? Black ripped cloaks? Long cloaks that drag? Cloaks with hoods? (Or capes basically)

P.S.S. Those Legion Artifact appearances were so good. Please make a return to some of those weapon designs again.


Heya and welcome to the WrA servers.

I think you may be a little mixed up, though. Wyrmrest Accord is a Roleplaying server, and one of the more highly populated/active ones. While we do PvP and raiding, this isn’t usually the place to come to looking for dedicated PvP/Raiding guilds actively recruiting and pushing progression.

If you’re set on this server for other reasons, then here are some threads looking for players.

I think your best bet would be heading over to

And as far as cosmetics go, I can’t wait for new cloak options too. We’re getting backpacks, halos, wings, and more it seems.

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