Returning Player [H] LF Raiding guild

Hey Everyone,

I’m a returning player who was 11/12 mythic last tier playing melee dps (rogue/dh). I took a break for a few months before returning to shadowlands, but I’m back gearing a rogue and looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild, preferably raiding two nights a week, with a focus on clearing heroic and at least progging mythic at some point (times flexible). I’m not looking for a spot right away because I still need some gear and don’t want to drag people down but I’d like to raid and meet some peeps soon. I’m a team player who has played wow for 8 years and willing to help people if needed.

thanks for your time,

if interested please contact here for details:
discord: hyouka#7369

Hi Vanseca – I think we might be a good fit for what you’re looking for. Check out our bio/post. Happy to chat more!

Howdy! I'm Moon, the recruitment officer for Swift[H][Mal'ganis].
We are currently 5/10H. A few members have 10/10H experience. We want to finish the rest of heroic and push our way towards CE and are in need of like-minded individuals who are laidback and patient with progression. We want to enjoy our time while raiding. (:

Raid Times are Tues/Wed-8-11pm Server(CST)

Looking for a multitude of classes/specs and would be happy to have you on the team. If you have any questions feel free to message me in-game (SparkledMoon#1939) or over on our forum recruitment post here.