Returning LK player looking for a rp/lvling guild


Hey all! im a returning character who hasn’t played since LK! currently running around on a worgen hunter on the UTHER server, but haven’t found any real community. I like Laid back casual leveling/RP guilds. looking for a community (well, me and a friend I met in Gilneas, hes equally as new as me). Looking for an 18+ guild ideally. Im not big on dungeons or raids, but willing to do RDF from time to time for the sake of helping someone out. and it seems that any guild that is up my alley is on a server that’s already full. Im currently running around Ashenvale. I may be alliance now, but im willing to make a toon on a different server for the sake of finding a real community. I work 3rd shift so im usually on all night. Would be great to find people to socialize with, as any guild I get invited to is dead as far as chat goes. Im very laid back and casual. I can easily drop what im doing to travel and help someone out when I can, unless im in the middle of an escort quest lol, then you have to wait :stuck_out_tongue: . I also have a handful of toons on Scarlet Crusade, I haven’t touched them since ive come back since LK. Ill be hopping back on here to check, but your best bet to contact me is to add and message me in-game. Hope this works out for me! And thanks for your consideration.