Returning Heals/Dps LFG

I realized I have a lot to say but I’ll put just the base info here for now and when we chat I can elaborate more on what I and really looking for. Just coming back from a 4 month break due to family stuff and excited to hit the ground running in 9.2.
Looking for a guild that steps into mythic raiding and wants to push keys from time to time. Also would love a place to just enjoy playing the game with friends l.

I am looking for a guild that raids starts at 9pm EST or later with preference being to starting a hour or 2 later. But I can make a lot of days and time work so up for anything.

My preferred main would be paladin but I am open to a few other classes as well depending on guild need and ect but if we can make it work I’d play paladin main and alt either shaman, lock, hunter, priest, or maybe rogue,

This tier I was only able to get 5/10 m before I had to take my break for the tier.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or in my discord. I kept it more brief so when you reach out to me we can talk more in-depth later. Don’t care what faction but currently leaning more towards horde. Excited to chat more

Discord: Falanar#4243