Returning, but can't figure out which account my main is on, wow1 or wow2


Hello! LF any help regarding which account of mine my old main is (Cotyredbear lvl 84 Tauren Paladin) on Hellscream US server. So I know which account to add sub, returning after 8 years. I can’t afford to add sub to both account to find him. Thank you in advance! Wow1 or Wow2?

(Kyzera) #2

If you have the game installed already, just login and look at the character select screen for each license.

All accounts now revert to starter account status while unsubscribed. So you can login to the character select screen for each account. You can even play any characters that are level 20 or below (with Starter Account restrictions of course).


I tried this but it won’t show any of my old characters on either one

(Levíathan) #4

That can happen if there’s been an extended time away.

One more thing to try is to go into your account management and initiating any character service (but not completing it), like a race change, for example. During the process, it should list your realms and characters. At that point, you can abort the character service. With that information, you can log into the game and go to those realms (even if they say you don’t have characters there). Once you log in, it should refresh the system and start displaying your characters again.

However, it’s possible that the character service may not show the characters if it’s been too long. If not, when the SFAs get into the office today, they’re usually pretty good at helping out in these situations.

(Kyzera) #5

If you have been gone a long time, the character lists most likely need to be refreshed. You would need to login to each of the realms on which you used to play.

Also, chances are the names may have been changed as now names are released after 2 expansions worth of inactivity on the account.


I tried the character service and it only shows the ones I made recently on starter edition. I do not even see Hellscream though so is it possible I can only see certain realms on this edition without subbing?

(Levíathan) #7

It may have been so long that even the character service is out of date. Once the SFAs get in this morning, they typically are helpful in these situations. It shouldn’t be too long.


Would a gm or support be able to find out which account my main is on if I put in a ticket? Or will they reply directly to this?

(Levíathan) #9

Usually, they will respond here. Key word being usually. :slight_smile: And it shouldn’t be long before they get in.

Support/GM can do it for you too if you ever needed to go that route.


THANK YOU SO MUCH. I’ll be patiently waiting and trying to reason it out with my faulty memory in the meantime.

(Levíathan) #11

No worries!

There’s 100+ realms. I wouldn’t be able to remember where things were eight years later!


I remember the realm, it shows me that on my character selection on EDIT* (another forum), I can see my old characters only on that and they are grey’d out. I just can’t remember if it was wow1 or wow2 that I had my main on, 8 years and a 50/50 chance I wouldn’t bother betting on my memory to serve me haha

(Rufflebottom) #13

Where are you trying to find them?

Log in to the game on each account and change realm to Hellscream. Sort the list by realm name instead of numbers of characters to help find it. That will refresh the character list for that realm.


They won’t show up on starter edition, also neither will Hellscream

(Rufflebottom) #15

You can access all realms from all accounts, including starter.

The realm list is the same for everyone.
I logged in to my second account which has reverted to Starter and Hellscream is in the list.

(Kyzera) #16

You mention Starter Edition. Did you make a new account that is just a Starter Edition OR did you just create low level characters on your existing WoW licenses (the WoW1 & WoW2 you referenced earlier)?

Also, are you sure you are logged into the correct Battle Net account?


If I can see them when logged into this account when looking at characters to post from it’s gotta be the right one. I did make one starter edition in 2013 two years after I made my main and both accounts were identical a week ago with no characters on any servers.


This particular character is WoW 2.


Cotyredbear is? the 84 tauren paladin


Yes, on Hellscream.