Returning after over 10 years - can't find server/characters

So I see that characters kind of went inactive and they don’t show which server I was on so I submitted an in game ticket and waited the 7 days for a reply. I was told to log on to the old server and it would refresh them. Umm…I have no idea what server they were on and did not get a reply back when I asked. I did try to look through servers but with the amount it would take a serious amount of time. Is there a way to look it up by my account? I don’t remember the names of my characters either, not after that amount of time. I have the first 4 disk sets with the keys to prove my account.
Any help is appreciated. I just do not feel like spending an hour or more looking at each server.

Try initiating a charcater transfer the create a lvl 1 toon on that ream to refresh it.

The character you’re using is from Anvilmar, have you checked there? A Blizz SFA can help point you in the right direction next time they’re on too.

A possible trick may be to try to swap characters on the website, it may pull everyone up. I think I heard attempting (but obviously don’t go through with!) a service like a character transfer can help show your roster.


Being able to see realms you have characters on will also eventually stop but later than the realm counts falling off. But but the most common reason for not being able to locate characters is logging in on the wrong account.

The Support Forum Agents in this forum are pretty good about helping people locate missing characters but they won’t be back until the morning.

Yes i am currently on anvilmar with a friend that got me back into the game with a new character. I only had one account so that wouldn’t be the issue. I get how the characters went inactive. Im only looking for help to find my original server with my old characters. I did try the steps with character transfer but it seemed like it wanted payment before i could continue. I could ve wrong and if anyone knows please let me know. Thanks

I’m not sure if this would work or not, but have you tried going to the website and “View all your characters”? This is a direct link:

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Waiting for the forum agents to come in tomorrow may be the quickest way to locate the characters.

It does help if they have any realm or character names you may remember but as you have only had the one account, it shouldn’t be very difficult for them.

From what I can see, Apei, it looks like your main realm was Sentinels. That’s where the majority of your characters are.


Somebody call? :wink:

Welcome back, Apei! If you’d like a buddy to help get back in the game, feel free to toss me a line.


Thank you very much.