Returning 402 F Warrior Looking for Heroic Guild - Horde - Thrall


Server : Thrall-US-Horde

Armory Link :

Warcraft Logs :

-(Note I skipped BoD / CoS)

Hello! I’m a returning player who fell off after Uldir. I am looking for a heroic raiding guild who raids during the evening hours(preferable any time after 8) on Tuesday / Wednesday EST. I feel my logs speak for themselves when it comes to be ability to perform in a raid, but overall I am looking for a solid raiding community who doesn’t mind wiping a few times ! I also have a 403 Ele/Resto shaman should the need for ranged/ healing arises.

Feel free to whis me in game : Nimbusc , or hit me up on my discord : Erudicon#9954