Returned player LF guild

Recently returned player here

Currently searching for ideal situations.

Mythic progressed guild
2+ night raiding days per week times within 7:00PM-11:30PM CENTRAL
Active M+ teams or players that want to push keys
Ready to go into shadowlands as a team to push for cutting edge.

about me

I’m 26, located in Texas.
I play a BM Hunter with a 476 iLvl, 3/12M currently, 2.2kIO within 1 month of being back in the game.
I’m looking for a guild that has progression that has surpassed mine, I am willing to show I have the ability to go further than what I have currently progressed with my raid team.

I am willing to server transfer where I need to be, even for a trial.

add my BTag for any questions. SourHades#11483

PS: Sorry, the WoW forums doesn’t let me select my main to show on the forums -_-

We are looking for a few more to finish out our raiding team for mythic if you want to hit me up

Hey Akujuki,

[Arise] Reforming for Shadowlands. We are located on Tichondrius. Our core has been formed through longtime friendships which has always been the foundation of our guild. Our goal is set on mythic progression with intention of pushing CE. We’re an extremely close group of people that are always willing to help out with whatever you need to be successful in the guild. We also like to occasionally spam M+ outside of raid times for gearing fellow guild members. Our core is made up of positive individuals who strive to push the guild in a path towards CE.

Current Recruitment Needs:

<Range: All Classes

<Melee: All Classes

<Tank: All Classes

<Healer: All Classes

(Even if your class isn’t specifically listed above, we encourage you to apply or contact the recruiter anyways. We are a progression guild after all and we will always consider exceptional players)

Raid Schedule :
Wednesday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm PST
Thursday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm PST

Prior Achievements: 6/9M 9/9H BoD 2/2H CoS

General requirements include:

Mature players (Preferably 21+)
-Positive attitude towards every situation.
-Ability to adapt and overcome.
-Desire and passion to get better each and every night with the intention of achieving personal goals/guild goals.
-Ability to use Discord and have a working mic.
-Ability to frequently check up on our discord for updates on raid strategies and other general guild information.

We understand real life takes priority so a simple heads up to the GM or an officer will suffice. If you cannot keep a raid attendance of 90%, then this guild might not be the right fit for you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions:
Kostadine- Kostadine#1413
Enkazil- Enkazil#1407

Kostadine - Kosta#8757
Enkazil - Enkazil#7836

Check us out at -