Return of Quel'Delar and Quel'Serrar?

I was reading through Exploring Eastern Kingdoms when I got to the Quel’thalas section, which went a bit into these two swords. It’s explained that they were made by the dragonflights, which made me wonder if they’ll play a part in the current expansion. Any thoughts?

Well, my only thought is :

When I see the word “Quel Serrar”, it reminds me of “que sera sera”, which reminds me of this scene from The Simpsons.

Nu-Blizzard has literally never been aware of their existence.

Quel’delar was wielded by Liadrin up until BfA, which I found appropriate considering she was the strongest of the paladins Hordeside. Then they changed her look around and the sword’s been in the wind ever since then. Which is too bad, because while her new weapons look cool, they have no story behind them and likely aren’t nearly as powerful as Quel’delar is.

Quel’serrar’s been lost to time for years, even before Cataclysm. It’s among the ranks of a lot of iconic or interesting lore weapons from Vanilla and even TBC that just… never resurfaced again. Some weren’t even epic weapons or max level ones, like the Ta’Kierthan Songblade, but just had cool lore and the implication of more swords around of the same ilk.

As for either coming back, it’s certainly possible given the themes of Dragonflight, but their power and importance has been somewhat outstripped for years at this point, even with Quel’delar likely being one of the stronger holy blades out there now.

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wasn’t one of them a player reward in Wrath of the Lich King?

I have a theory that Quel’delar has been given to Salandria and she will show at some point during Dragonflight, in which she’ll cause something bad to happen possibly while using the sword.


I would agree except it sounds like they put them into that recent book?

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Two blades were given, yeah. One was Quel’serrar, the High Blade, which was given to the kaldorei, and the other was Quel’delar, the High Keeper, given to the Quel’dorei. Both by the dragons, so very classic fantasy tropes leaned into there. The implication is that there were many blades of that same type, or similar, ergo dragon-made blades. But given they’re named, these two were likely the most powerful. Though that implication might be why multiple versions of Quel’delar could be awarded (Might of the Faithful, Ferocity of the Scorned, Lens of the Mind, Cunning of the Shadows). Granted, that was likely gameplay reasons, but if not then the big canon version would be Might of the Faithful.

It might even have been something of a deliberate throwback to Vanilla, since in 3.2.2 a reduxed Onyxia raid dropping Quel’serrar came out.

Quel’delar is a regular part of my mogs, if nothing else because I worked hard for that sword.

I was kind of surprised it didn’t pop up as one of the artifacts, but whatever.

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I’d love if Liadrin or someone else started using again. All we know currently is that most likely the blood elves still has it.

Since if the Alliance had it then I’d imagine Shaw would know about it.

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Liadrin has her own sword.
I wish Lorthemar had it.


I’ve been known to mog it on a void elf purely to be a snot, but it’s kind of odd we don’t know where it ended up.

I like the idea of the blood elf orphan whose name eludes me getting it from Liandrin. I think she had a polearm in the scenario, but I could be wrong or she could upgrade. Regardless, a blood elf should have it.


I got it on Dreadmoore back when he was a blood elf and I agree that it should canonically be in belf hands

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Mine originally was on… either a human pally or orc death knight. I want to say pally but it’s fuzzy in the mists of time and I know I tanked more on the orc.

Regardless, that’s not right.

Doris Day did it better.

Unlike Salandria, the Draenei orphan Dornaa has yet to appear. Like Salandria, the Bronze Dragons don’t seen to like her. Maybe she’ll try to get the swords, creating conflict with Salandria.

I’m sorry if this is not part of the topic but didn’t you use to be a Kul’tiran or something?

It’s kind of shame since I liked how Quel’delar was in Wrath and I wished they keeped it like what WC3Reforged did with the wielder of that blade. If anything Liadrin should have picked up Quel’serrar and made it blood elven.

I wonder if Dornaa will return as a Primalist.

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Why would they play a part? They’re really just epic quest rewards with an interesting backstory. Just because they were heirlooms of Quel’thalas and made by dragons doesn’t meant they’re secretly more important in the grand scheme of things.