Rets and M+

I Dont see very many, if at all, Ret Paladins for M+ in 15 or higher keys. Any particular reason?

Because people are biased and favor the meta? :man_shrugging:


There isnt a time where rets are meta in m+ anyway.


People are insane meta slaves. Ret is actually decent in m plus. Its not the best but its more then viable to get the m plus title. Groups who decline you as I said above dumb meta slaves. They think classes matter over skill.


I actually see considerably more warriors pushing 20+ keys as Fury and Arms. Dont get me wrong… I love warriors. But still very confused by it.

Fury warriors can’t hit a button to respec to a top tier spec in 2 other roles.
Most people should just bring decent players and play well to time keys but people see 3knplayers on twitch and copy then for thier weekly 15s for some reason

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AvelPally, lol. Ive ran with you a few times on my Shaman. Would recognize you anywhere.

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There’s a good amount of reasons for why a ret isn’t included in keys. I’m not gonna list all of them but don’t get discouraged, if you want to play ret in keys then play ret in keys, literally every spec in the game can do 20-21 keys very easily, the thing is, some specs mesh well with other specs and some kind of don’t.

Worst thing for ret paladin is that they’re the 3rd worst spec for paladins, arguably holy and prot are both S tier specs, why bring a ret paladin when you can have one of the other 2 specs to bring what paladins bring and bring a better damage/utility from one of the 3 dps slots?

But, there is a team on Alliance EU who play ret paladin, dps warrior, rogue, bear tank and resto Druid and they are ~2900 io lol. They play with no real lust and a ret paladin and resto Druid two specs who don’t get a whole lot of invites from pugs. Yes they’re playing with premade but they’re making their specs work

The ret paladins name is Qrvaret I think?

If that’s incorrect the warriors name is Critcake.

Both of them are on twitch and stream some what regularly


Here is the reason…

BTW, I just love my ret paly.

Mind me asking what you shaman is called? Hopefully I remember your Mr too although I’m horrible with names tbh. Hope the runs went well lol

Some specs are just underplayed compared to others in keys, but doesn’t mean they’re actually bad.

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honestly, the community as a whole as a issue with “meta”. in the long run, meta doesnt matter until 25+ keys and such. any class and comp can run and time a 15+.

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The fact that’s there’s a meta for wacking mobs is hilarious to me. At any rate, I do feel it. I can’t get higher than an 11 key on my holy priest

so spam your own key higher than an 11? and how does anyone know you are holy to begin with?

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My guildie is ranked like 34 world as Ret paladin… He does roughly same dps as everyone else in 20’s, ~10-11k overall.

The big issue with rets, is that 90% of pug rets, do not use their blessings. And those are big. Just ran woke 15 or something the other day with 2 rets…Not a single BoP. Not a single HoF.

It is very easy to be a bad paladin. Probably easier than any other spec, with an exception of Feral. It’s even easier to a horrible feral :smiley:

Yeah they got a nice burst, but so do Warriors, but Kyrian Arms does it way better.

Every spec in the game is capable of reaching KSM. Every spec is capable of reaching 2.4 IO (all 20’s), as I have seen plenty of ferals/enhas/rets with 2.4/2.5 IO. …Past that, however, that’s when things are getting a little tight and you gotta be exceptional.

Rank 50.
And then take a rank 50 Mage or Chicken, and they are on a whole another level of overall dps.

M+ this expansion has been very anti melee as compared to the last expansion that was very pro melee. The amount of times ive had issues in keys due to suicidal melee this expansion is too many too count. My rule of thumb for mythic plus is to take 5 unique classes including a brez, a lust user, and a buff bot. I then slot for the covenant. With ret pallies pugs if it does not do damage they tend to not use it. They can cleanse poison and disease, they can bop off necrotic, they have freedom too. Yet every time i choose a ret pally they refuse to use these abilities. At least with a warrior they only have to hit battle shout once and again if we wipe.


Bop is pretty easy to see when it’s needed obv, but without a callout over coms is there an easy way to see someone needs hof? Is that something you can set in decursive?

ret can reach 2800 or whatever the score for the title psure any class can tbh

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They actually do really well in some weeks compared to others but there are just classes that provide buffs or utility so rets get overlooked.

There’s higher rated rets than there is sin rogues, enhance shamans and some others.

Honestly you can play whatever you want if you’re the one making the groups/have a group of mates or guildies and can actively pull your weight in keys.

You’ll find people through doing well in keys, people will add you no matter what class you play

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It’s actually very simple @Justarius Ret pally’s do not bring anything to the table that other DPS classes cant do better. Meaning PUG’s are fickle to begin with it’s like a box of chocolate’s…you never know what you gonna get. Therefore ppl that intend to time their key and move up are looking towards party’s that can favor one another, such as WW monks best for AOE trash clearing and bring buff, warrior’s good cleave good single target also bring buff, rogues for shroud and single target that will excel with buff’s from other said classes, Prot pally devotion aura, good utility, dps, “S” tier tank, lastly you fill with hero, b-rez ect.