After a bit of testing Retribution on the PTR earlier… The dps seems pretty low still when compared to most other melee classes. I want to be competitive with other melee classes and have a solid raid spot as something more than just a buff bot or mana battery.

Righteous Vengeance Rune… Loved that you guys brought it into the game but it’s dps is lackluster. It either needs to have the base damage buffed to at least around 50% damage or so baseline or have the ability for it to crit.

Divine Storm is a little weak and could use a damage buff. Maybe instead of 110% physical damage, add a Holy damage effect to it instead. Maybe half physical and half Holy damage? So it can benefit from all of our Holy damage modifiers.

Also Retribution seems to be going OOM after about 1 min or so. Even when dropping Art of War rune for Guarded by the Light rune. Maybe allow Judgement to grant us 5% mana just like Crusader Strike?