Retribution pulling mobs unintended


Due to Blessed Champion:

Ret paladins pull mobs unintentionally that will often times wipe a party in mythic+ dungeons when casting the Judgment spell, Divine Toll and even Hammer of Wrath due to the Abberus tier set.

It will pull everything in a 30 yards radius of the target.
Sometimes the tank has no choice but to tank near other groups due to hallways and rooms, biggest offender this season being Waycrest Manor.
Also sometimes the tanks won’t pull back a mob and will tank it where it is, thinking that it’s safe to do so, only for a ret pally to simply judge a target and aggro another pack or 2.

Please make it so the Judgment spread works only on targets that the paladin is currently in combat with.
Or at least reduce the initial range for non-combat targets around the main one to 15 yards, within normal aggro range, or however that is.

To note that the Abberus tier also causes such issues with Hammer of Wrath, though we’ll be changing it soon™, but keep it in mind if you ever introduce the HoW tier mechanic for ret again.

TLDR: Make Blessed Champion not trigger for targets that the paladin is not in combat with, as it has potential to ruin mythic keys.
Ideally, you wouldn’t wait until the next patch to resolve this issue.


I agree 100%. Last season in Brackenhide, there were so many mob pulls that could have been avoided had my Judgement and HoW not gone rogue and pulled adjacent packs.

Please fix this sooner rather than later!


blizz please fix this. I am about to start my mythic plus journey and i can see it now how many times people are going to rage at me because my hammer has a mind of its own 0.o


as a tank i second this… also do that with divine storm and concentration as they both are pulling more than indented when we were in freehold


Need to be fixed, incredibly frustrating.
If this continues, it’ll leave a stigma on Ret for the whole season.


Just want to add that this is bringing ret a rep, tanks usually think they are safely tanking 1 pack and not being in range of another, when Blessed Champion Strikes and a second pack is pulled.
The rep isn’t a good one btw, tanks don’t like it when dps pulls…

This doesn’t happen in just WM btw, even in Everbloom for example when going on one side, sometimes you pull the stuff on the other side if the tank moves and the mob just gets in range of something else.

Just make it so it doesn’t target out of combat mobs, it will just “ruin” our world content pulling, even though sometimes i just want to pull only 1 mob while doing quests and stuff and i get an additional or even more mobs, which i then have to kill ofc.

We can gouge 30 yards approximately, but not accurately sometimes and when mobs move/patrol it’s even worse. Please fix.


word is out already hahahah.

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Having the same issues, the range of the extra judgments makes no sense, please fix it.

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This bug(?) tilts me to no end while questing. I can’t even imagine how many people get kicked/reported in M+ because they cause a wipe from pulling unaggro’d mobs from Narnia. I know tanks that refuse to invite Ret pals because of this

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Just a reminder… this is still a problem plaguing the spec.
Make it not hit mobs that are out of combat with the paladin, very simple and effective fix.

I know the tech is there, since other spells work this way, so make this talent follow the same rule.

As per today’s hotfixes, it’s listed that the talent was reworked(alongside others to not these issues). Will test it out and report back if there are any issues in this thread.


  • Blessed Champion rebuilt to resolve issues such as pulling enemies that are too far away or through walls.
  • Wake of Ashes, Searing Light, and Seething Flames revised so that they do not damage enemies through walls.

There is one issue that appeared, with baseline Judgment (so no Blessed Champion specced), Judgment pulls an additional 2 mobs if you don’t have BC, there is only the animation and aggro, no dmg or debuff.

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