Retire factions

What is it saying then?

I think that would ruin the entire aspect of WoW.


I do think there’s a middle ground: allow cross faction guilds and grouping for dungeons and raids. This keeps the faction identity but still makes sense with the whole, “we’re always working together anyway” part.


Why? How is not forcing every race into horde or aliance ruin wow?


Because faction identity, faction specific quests and the faction war will always be a thing.

I’m really hoping you read further to:

along the lines of

“we team up all the time in the lore it makes sense to hold hands and be friends”

“allowing to group up will fix current and any future imbalance problems”

“bonus, factions are toxic”

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Faction identity would remain, there would just be more factions.

They would remain specific for that faction.

And would remain a thing.

I’m just asking to not force every race into horde or aliance

You forgot to add how Pandaran were totally cool with teaching Zandalari monk arts.



Also wrong

Couldn’t be more wrong

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Nope, they would never join the Alliance.

Humans slaughtered Taurens at Camp Trauajo before MOP.

Great Tauren patriots such as Magatha Grimtotem wanted to defend the people while Bloodhoofs sat on their behinds and allowed it to happen.

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And you would not be lying to me now?

Ehhh everyone has been slaughtered by everyone at some point. I don’t think it’d make it impossible.

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Yeah, this expansion of a faked faction war highlighted the problems of it.


I would never lie to you.

Seems needless and complex. The Alliance and Horde have been a staple of Warcraft since long before WoW itself. They have very long histories and important identity. The faction symbols are even known by those who don’t play the game, that’s how iconic they are.

Except you said:

Which means no factions. So how do they stay faction specific with no factions? Your idea is rep specific, not faction specific.

If there are no factions and people need to gain rep with individual races, then there’s no factions. There’s just grind rep with races. That doesn’t facilitate a two faction war.

You also ignored all of this:

You keep ignoring it.

These are recent events bud, not 200 years ago.

I actually strongly agree with this. The mechanics already exist in the game (and have since Classic) to have different factions quests only be accessible once you’ve reached a certain ranking with them. And they can be mutually exclusive. For example, if I wanted to be a Bloodsail Buccaneer, I can choose to be, though it means I would be giving up any shot of dealings with the Steamwheedle Cartel of Goblins.

Lorewise, we already do so many quests for races of the opposing faction, and have so many examples of opposing faction races going rogue, that it seems completely plausible that a player character should be able to make that same choice.


The horde literally nuked a major port city of ours and we still teamed up. Nothing is impossible.

Blood Elves joined the horde even though it had the scourge that almost wiped them out on it and the Orcs that the belves wanted to genocide leading it.

A small military staging area where the civilians were allowed to escape is hardly a blip


And the Alliance enslaved, genocide and conmitted war crimes as well.

Enemy of my enemy is a friend for the time being.

The Alliance is still considered an enemy of the Horde.

I would agree with this if only the leaders had a speckle of identity and personality. Instead, they are all bland as hell, and faction is reduced to Anduin and Sylv (especially Alli side).

Yes, but I wouldn’t hold their word as law. They say way a lot of things that don’t become reality. They also said there wouldn’t be a Classic wow server, and here we are.