Retire factions

No, wait that is not what you think this is. i’m not saying everyone should be friends, I just think the current divide very boring and forced.

So here is the thing, right now there is a very artificial division between the races.

  • Night elves and dranae are on the aliance because of orc hating?
  • A very specific goblin faction is on the horde for very odd reasons and neutral goblins are unplayable.
  • Blood elves are rolling with the horde because of human hating?
  • High elves are not a thing because faction balance?
  • Forsaken are rolling with the horde because humans don’t want them? But they don’t seem to care that much anymore?
  • Trolls and Blood elves have very good reasons to hate eachother and they don’t…
  • Lots of races like tauren, pandaren and vulpera don’t really seem interested in war at all…
  • Nightborn went to the horde because of Tyrande first impressions?
  • High mountain went to the horde because taurens?
  • Mechagnomes are on the aliance because gnomes?
  • Forsaken should hate trolls and orcs just as much as any other human

And I can go on and on with this. I think we should scrap this system completely, make every race independent from eachother. Night elves could have good relationships with tauren and pandaren but not tolerate orcs at all.

This could be done as some sort of reputation system where you would start as hated or friendly to some factions based on your race and have ways to change how they see you. Befriending one could make you hated by the other. Killing players of a certain race could net you points with another.

Stormwind and Orgrimar would ceasse to be capitals and be just another city. You would not be able to enter them if the main race hated you. Even grouping up with a member of an opposite faction could harm your reputation.

Quests would work normally but you would only be able to do them if the race that is giving you the quest is friendly or neutral towards you.

Aliances could be formed between nature loving races, or mana loving races or tech loving races, etc… Lots of factions within a single race could be a thing.

TLDR: The current state of factions feels forced and out of place, and don’t really speak to the complexity that exists in the world of warcraft.


Night Elves are on the Alliance because Blizzard didn’t want to do four factions.

As for Draenei its more complicated than “They hate Orcs too.”

When Draenei crashed on Azuremyst, they ran into an Alliance expedition, and this lined up with one of Velens visions of this “Alliance” being his peoples future and eventual pathway to leading the army of light.

He also sees Anduin as a child of prophecy and has taken personal interest in him.


Yes, that is the point, forced.

Like I said, forced.


this would be like removing light and dark side from star wars it’s too engrained in the game’s identity to ever even consider, you see how people react to this day when they say “for the horde” and “for the alliance” at blizz con, people still strongly identify as their faction and always will


The faction divide is one of the pillars of the game. And having faction/race/class distinctions adds complexity, variety and flavor to the game.

And you can think what you like but Blizzard has made it clear the faction divide is here to stay.


I’m not saying remove them in this sense. Aliance and horde could still exist but without forcing every race into them.


I like the faction divide.

Request denied.

I’m making burritos; would you like one?


King Mechagon was or techincally remained as the king of Gnomeregan before Mekkatorque was given the title.


It is, and it shouldn’t be.

I think that having independent races with complex relationships between them add way more complexity, variety and flavor.

Sure, and this is why I’m advocating for this vision to be changed.

Not requesting it to you

oh damn, yes.

Not really that relevant.


Actually Night Elves are on the Alliance for PvP reasons.

They were initially going to be Horde, and Forsaken were going to be Alliance. But then they decided World PvP should be a thing, so they needed an Alliance race that started in Kalimdor and a Horde race that started in the Eastern Kingdoms.


I like the factions, why do you want to take away something I like and ruin my game experience?


Not actually sure how to explain it. It’s much like how the blood knights worked for Kael’thas now work for Lor’themar as they had operated in Silvermoon for a time-- which was a short absence.

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Stopped reading right there, this ain’t a new idea and i’m getting sick of GD constantly spamming circle jerks.

Keep factions but allow cross-faction play.


Why would not forcing every race into horde or aliance ruin your experience? Factions would still be a thing, but more of them.

Ok, but the mechagnomes themselves have no reason to go to either horde or aliance. They are being forced into one of them because we can’t have races outside them.

It really isn’t.

That wouldn’t solve any of the issues that I addressed on this thread.


Honestly, I feel like if it weren’t for the game Tauren would have swapped to Alliance during MoP. I feel like we’re more friendly with them than their own faction.


Modeling political affiliation for every individual race is infeasible. It’s better to let us, the players, bend or transcend faction boundaries as needed to get the job done - the way we already do several times throughout the story.


it is

this is the most spammed reposted topic on GD to retire factions and people insist as if they found sliced bread

it’s sad

Well, if you spent some time to read it you would see why its different.

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not going to i already know what it’s gonna say