Rethinking Holy - Give Us Naaru Spells and Theming Instead

I just had an idea… Holy Priest lore should align more with the Naaru. We’re just ‘bare the light’, but I think for class flavour and spec theming, it would be way more cool if we got some of our lore and edge back by aligning more with the Naaru in our class design.

Not to mention… our spell animations are so lame. Everyone who sees T’uure appear knows it was a Holy Priest. So it stands to chance that we’d stand out a bit more if we got some Naaru imagery.

Not all spells need to be re-designed or renamed, but it would make for some needed flavour.


Holy Word: Serenity Icon - Serenity of A’Dal
Power Word: Shield Icon - Ward of T’uure
Guardian Spirit Icon - Hope of T’uure
Power Infusion Icon - Fury of A’dal
Smite Icon - Wrath of Z’rali
Holy Fire Icon - Light of Z’rali
Holy Word: Chastise Icon - Gaze of Z’rali
Desperate Prayer Icon - Tears of T’uure

Holy Word: Sanctify Icon - Hope of A’dal

HoT / DoT:
Renew Icon - Embrace (can’t take Embrace of the Naaru since that’s already taken)

Divine Hymn Icon - Hymn of A’dal
Symbol of Hope Icon - Hymn of T’uure

Power Word: Fortitude Icon - Strength of T’uure
Dispel Magic Icon - K’ure Honeymoon Therapy Kiss

Re-do the animations to be more Naaru related… not all the spells, these are just suggestions. But new spells really should be more Naaru related. Especially with the lore going more cosmic.

Like this one I thought of today:

Well of Miracles:

  • You summon a Well of Miracles at your feet (10min CD). Once summoned, the button will change to ‘Pray for Miracle’ with 5 charges (90s CD). A random miracle will happen:

Minor Miracle:

  • +10% haste buff for 15s
  • 30s reduction on your longest CD
  • You turn into a cow for 30s and gain a stack of refreshing milk, can heal and DPS as normal.

Greater Miracle:

  • Z’rali appears at your side, increasing damage by 20% for 15s
  • A’dal appears at your side, reducing damage you take by 25% for 15s
  • Saa’ra appears at your side, marking your target with Mark of Saa’ra for 12s, collecting 25% of the damage or healing done. After 10s, Mark of Saa’ra will convert to Wisdom of Saa’ra releasing the damage or healing collected on the target over 6s.
  • M’ori and K’uri appear at your side, each giving you a shield that is 20% of your total health.
  • T’uure appears at your side, showering you with compliments for 30s

I love the lore of the Naaru, we need to lean in to that for our spells… there’s so much more interesting Priest lore out there, but Blizz is hella lazy and throws it all to Paladins.

Work only for Dreanei Priest tough

Yea, I thought about that… but Priest lore is FUBAR’d in-game… may as well go with the big daddy cosmic power since we find out loa aren’t even high ranking enough to register on the cosmic scale… So Hexpriests… uhh… Naaru!

We don’t even know if Mu’sha or An’she do much for Tauren Sunpriests, so… they get shoved into the Naaru!

Blood Elves… Well M’uru might disagree with your assessment with the Draneri. And isn’t the sunwell powered by the spark of M’uru now?

Humans / Dwarves / Worgen / Gnomes - They follow the Church of the Holy Light, which are the Naaru.

Undead - The lore breaks down here in-game since the Forsaken are supposed to be ‘unclean’ and ‘untouchable’ by the light. But Calia… may be an acknowledgement of that… so, Naaru!

Night Elves - The in-game lore vs player class breaks down here, too. But I’ll crack a laugh if Elune ends up being a Naaru.

Goblin - They’ll worship anything that’s related to money and giant crystals / golden cathedrals are absolutely something they’ll pray for… So, Naaru.

It’s Naaru all the way down.

Well Elune created the Naaru according to Velen or she use same Power. And the guy 20000 years old so i think he know things

That would simplify Priest lore greatly…

We’re all Night Elves.

I mean I’m all for Hpriest vfx rework on their spells. They are pretty lame.

I don’t see renaming spells, but having new passives like Divine Image legendary as baseline could be something.

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That would be totally fine. I remember when we had Naaru style wings in Legion - I thought that was cool. It was visually distinct from the normal paladin wings.

We just need some flair in our rather blah vfx.