Rethelshi bugged can't exchange my primal tokens

ok so Rethelshi the primal vendor in Valdrakkken is bugged. I have soo many tokens now and i cant use them. he doesnt have the vendor option to trade with him anymore. this has been going on for like a month now. It sucks so much i cannot upgrade and have my full set because of it

They had to change this to prevent another problem - people with two of the same item were trying to upgrade the second one but the game was re-upping the first, consuming the sigil for no effect - so they moved it to the Valor/Honor upgrade NPC where you can choose exactly which item you want to upgrade.

You can find Corxian in the PvP hall which (if you are like me and wouldn’t normally go in there) is kind of on the north side of Valdrakken, backs up to the back of the inn.

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