Retail lead dev said Pre nerf Cthun was impossible?

Does anyone believe him? Seems he was too casual back then compared to the chad players today. Hes easily killable. Blizzard should release pre nerf cthun so chad classic players can take him out.


I’ve never heard any one try to argue with that stance. I also never did the fight pre-nerf so I can’t honestly tell you.

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Its possible. The dps requirements in his impossible to kill post are flawed. Chad Classic players these days are doing way more dps than people were doing back then. People were just casual compared to now.


I’m just seeing a bunch of buzz words most of this went over my head, I’m not as young as I once was.


The only people I’ve seen claim pre-nerf C’thun was possible are people who clearly have a bone to pick with Ion and no one has ever provided actual proof. Considering Blizzard has overtuned bosses throughout the entire history of WoW and had to nerf them after the bleeding edge guilds reach them, I’m inclined to believe his math was good.


Disagree with his game development all you want but the man’s good at math. “Mathematically impossible” means “mathematically impossible.”

Are you going to show us this math or just… handwave it away and say “nuh uh”?


Look at pre nerf attempts of Cthun. Healers were not helping with DPS, DPS did not pick up first aid like Classic chads do, some DPS would move instead of always doing dps, they had no world buffs or alchemy.

They were just not good players back then. Ion was wrong. It was possible to do Cthun people were just casuals compared to the Private server enthusiast.



So… the math is where in your post?


Low effort bait.


Someone compared Private server chads running BWL and they optomized the raid for the most dps possible in a speed run and if they had those numbers fighting cthun they would have cleared the raid. Truth is people were casual back then for not bringing only warriors and rogues for DPS.


Private servers are not completely accurate to Blizzard’s servers. They are fundamentally flawed in that they did not have full access to all the coding and data Blizzard has. They could also simply input whatever values they felt like to make C’Thun easier for their players to kill so they wouldn’t get frustrated and quit.

Math. Where is it? You said his math was flawed. There is an expectation with such a claim that you can provide evidence.


Take your toxic crap back to 4chan.


Umm honey bun Private servers add way more health to raids to make it harder…


So you’re literally telling me they can modify the data however they want, but since they tell you they’re “increasing” the health, it’s obviously true. And clearly, since Classic only just came out officially, you had no way to actually verify that.

So, you don’t have any math to prove how Watcher’s math is wrong.

The point still stands that C’Thun was mathematically impossible until you provide mathematical evidence to the contrary, honey bun.


His math is based on a raid optimized by people who did not master Classic WoW like modern players do. Thats why his data is wrong. Watch pre nerf attempts of these casuals, they aren’t optimizing their dps, they dont have a raid full of fury warriors or rogues , they dont have world buffs, they dont use alchemy, they don’t optimize their movement to increase dps, they dont even do simple stuff like healers helping with DPS.

His math is wrong because he gathered his math from people who did not know how to play classic WoW.


So what you’re telling me is that you have no numbers… and no math.


Look at any BWL speed run by classic chads they have the DPS to beat pre nerf cthun.


No, his math is based on… math. You think they program the mobs using an actual raid of players? This is not how programming works. They may watch and monitor groups going through encounters to make adjustments but the mathematical values for each mob is done on spreadsheets not in a PUG.

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Yeah, ok, you’re 100% wrong though.

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his Math is based on the dps of a player from two thousand and six.
The Classic Chads of today do way more damage with next level optimization and gearing. Plus people did not stack fury warriors back then like they do today.