[Retail] Better spec Sin or Sub

I enjoy sub more but i see more sin rogues and want to know others opinions

It’s not really an opinion that sin is currently performing better than sub.

Assuming the player is equally skilled with both specs, equally geared with the right Azerite traits, Sin is still going to pull leagues ahead of sub.

Not saying that sub isn’t optimal, it’s just sub-optimal. It lacks aoe in mythic plus, has less than average-to-average burst but crappy sustain ST (you might as well forget about cleave fights), and all of the burst requires you to have perfect rotation, assuming you don’t have to run out of all the bad that comes with raiding/mythic plus.

In 2v2 arenas it does excellent though!..assuming you are geared to the teeth.

I, like you, prefer sub over sin, it’s just… why cut a tree with a knife when you can cut it with a chainsaw?

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This is probably the best analogy I’ve seen.

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