Ret Pallies, are we naked or what?

I never really noticed the incoming damage disparity ret paladins have compared to other classes. I typically tank keys but I was in a guild group with a warrior tank so I rolled dps. The wow moment came at the Fenir boss fight, (HoV +15), as i’m sure most of you know Fenir does a swipe that needs to be soaked by multiple people. At one point we all got in the circle (Warrior Tank, Ret, Arms dps, feral and a disc priest), They all took roughly the amount of damage 40-50k while I got hit for 150K!? I mean really? A clothy is taking 3x less damage than I am… in plate!? At first I thought something else was happening but I watched closely every time, and every time I was hit for about 3/4s of my health, I died once because I wasn’t fully topped off and after that I stopped helping soak. Which made hardly any difference to them… I really didn’t realize ret is this broken, I really hope this gets addressed in the redesign because this is ridiculous.


They know.


And with that, /thread

New PTR notes today.

Survivability got buffed…

10% more stam
30% wall
30% increase to SoV
Passive 10% reduction to AoE
20% armor increased
Free WoG at 25% HP
Instant Flash of light with 50% more healing, 6 second CD.
CS healing 2% of max HP
Divine Storm heals 5% of HP
WoG grants 20% armor boost
Judgement of light buff (Maybe cant log)
Blessing of dusk creates a shield for 20% of generator damage.

Can’t log into PTR to see how much of it we can take.