Ret paladin viability



Sincerely, Williams.


We can have nothing for months at a time and 30 seconds after a Ret Paladin thread comes up, Theloras is there.

I think he might actually just be an AI designed to do nothing but discuss Paladins.

Batman has his Bat signal and I have mine…

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No AI has that kind of dedication or depth of thought.


Seriously impressive…

Only a super natural being can have such prompt attendance and dedication in addition to the ability to actually THINK.

This is something AI just cannot do, no matter how awesome we are with programming and learning programs… they just don’t think…

Yeah but can he beat a captcha?

Well apparently ret and smite priest dps is the highest in the game IF you can stack all 6 ranks of SotC. So there’s that.

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Seriously forgot about that one, I laughed so hard at that time that my cat did a backflip.

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There are 3 options for this in classic. First, you have it as an engine limitation brought about by using the newer engine so they don’t stack that way. Second, you have the possibility that we all are remembering incorrectly and SotC stacking was fixed in 1.8 along with JoL/W as prior SotC was stacking while JoL/W were not. Third, we are right and SotC stacked with different ranks up to the TBC prepatch (a beta video is heavily in favor of the stacking due to reverse engineering the known mathematical formulas, but there are graphical inconsistencies of the applications of the debuffs that don’t match up. Personally, I believe that the inconsistencies are just graphical errors as the debuffs should never fall off with 40 paladins swinging and each one refreshing.)
Theloras 05/27/2017
^note how his Consecration damage increases from 71 dmg with 1 JotC to 105 with 2 JotC debuffs up^

1xJotC = 60-71 cons dmg range for everyone
2xJotC = 83-104 cons dmg range for everyone

Wiping at 85% doesn’t seem very promising. And were they only using 2 ranks of JotC? Why not all 6?

Are you THE Theoloras from n0st?

i think they didn’t realize what was happening to be perfectly honest - it was the PTR after all and I think they were just narrow focusing on ZOMG Crusader Strike!!!

the one and only because…


Exactly, the math only ever supports that the JotCs were stacking.

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tell that to all my haters and trolls who tried to get me banned and accused me of abusing game mechanics back on elysium when they nerfed it…

What’s done is done and won’t be undone. Sadly, unless we have proof and not just evidence of it working like that on live servers should stacking not work in classic there would be no leg to stand on trying to fix it. As for those trolls and haters, advocates in all walks of life tend to be abused simply because they are going against the status quo.