Ret Paladin Set Bonus Bug and Feedback (Let me know your thoughts)


After testing the Ret Paladin set bonus on the 9.2 PTR here is my feedback.

Currently there is a bug where upon Art of War proccing seraphim (the 2set bonus) the seraphim will consume your divine purpose proc. This will need to be addressed asap so testing can continue.

I personally feel the double RNG elements of the 2 and 4 set bonuses feel underwhelming and boring. It would feel better in my opinion (at least in PvP as thats what I primarily play) if the player had more agency over both the seraphim and art of war wake of ashes resets.

I suggest reversing and slightly reworking the 2 and 4 piece set bonus.

→ 2 piece set - Every 3rd ( or 4th or 5th depending on balance team numbers) art of war proc resets your Wake of Ashes

→ 4 piece set bonus - Upon reseting your wake of ashes with your 2 piece set bonus, proc 5 (or 4 or 6 seconds depending on balance team numbers) of seraphim.

These changes would give the rotation a (small) shake up, have a meaningful impact on gameplay with hopefully similar level of power to the current set bonuses. As currently stated I dont really “feel” when I proc 2 seconds of seraphim on art of war. It is simply 2 short, and it feels clunky randomly resetting Wake of ashes.

Thank you for reading! (This is also posted in eternity end forums, just figured I would post here as well to see if we can see more Ret opinions on the bonus)

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I’ve tested a lot of sets on the PTR (Destro, Demo, Assassin, Sub, Havoc, Survival, Ele, Enhance, Unholy, Frost Dk) and honestly Ret feels the worst to me. I know it’s bugged and the 2 second Sera proc overwrites the main one, but even taking that into account I hate the set bonuses. Constantly watching for Wake to be ready, missing the seraphim window due to low haste/being kited, and not having wake ready for a 1/2 minute go all feel awful. Everyone complains about their set bonuses and I get it’s hard to filter all the noise out and get good feedback, but the Ret set is just not enjoyable imo.


Post in the PTR forums for this, there’s a thread specifically for it.