Ret paladin rework


Here’s the direct link.

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finding patch notes in these forums is always so scuffed lol

Yeah, I have an aversion to WoWhead unless they are the source.

If they do what they say they are doing these sounds really really good for ret. The modifier stacking playstyle has always been super toxic for the game so them actually addressing it is really nice.
I’m not sure how they’ll exactly fix the defensive parts of the spec but good to see they realize it’s lacking currently.

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I don’t think it’s a “rework”, they’re just trying to avoid saying they didn’t have time to finish the spec just as it happened to spriest in Bfa release.

I’m so glad all the “high rated pros” that made fun of me when I complained about the apparently unfinished talent tree when prepatch was released have no say in development.

This is indeed a positive announcement, hopefully it’s an improvement.


They hit every key thing rets want. Lets hope they follow through very exciting.


Almost every single good ret player complained about the state of ret during beta.


I’m not talking about ret players, I’m talking about a few regular forum posters (can’t and name them and probably wouldn’t bother if I could) that are “high rated” and made fun of me saying “ret war is fine” when I mentioned that the talent tree was an unfinished dissapointment.

If it was up to these folks, the spec would be exactly the same in 5 more expansions, if the game lasts that long.

Don’t worry the 4 or 5 of them will be in this thread before long saying ret is fine, it should be left alone, and it’s a waste of time to rework the talent trees.
Very passionately, they will suggest you and vanguards are both just bad for not being able to make it work.

Pretty cool they’re finally going to give ret their DF talent trees though.




“Correctly”? Did they incorrectly also change the tooltip to 5%? lol, anyway I guess this is ok.

I think one of the issues in defensives is bubble is so easily ripped off by priests with the fast dispel being a talent tree rather than pvp talent.

Spriests were everywhere, now disc are, so something so core and crux to the paladin defensives is effectively nulled in a majority of games now. It’s still powerful, but that priest talent makes it definitely less powerful.

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Glad to see it and blizz willing to admit they got it wrong at least and go to work fixing rets.

Now please do the same for frost dk…they dont need a complete rework, but definitely some tweaks to the tree and buff to sustained damage. Prob defensives too at least against physical damage.

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