Ret paladin LF SGT GMT+8 guild (For heroic raiding +M+ runs)

Ret paladin main from Barthilas who has been playing continuously since Legion to date.

Recently hit KSH/AOTC for a few season running and is currently LF for a heroic raiding spot in your guild! Strongly prefer a raiding guild with GMT+8 9pm-12am timing with hopefully a SEA based guild.

Main ret in raid context but have a prot spec on the side for things like m+ tanking and outlier situations where a 3rd tank cheese is applicable etc.

Hit me up on discord @ethanie. Looking forward to your response! =)

Hey Avengelina! It sounds like my guild over on Barthilas may suit you.

I’ll send you through a discord request so we can chat further

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Hi! I am alwats confused about time zones lol. Anarchy inc is a AOTC and sociak guild on Dath’remar. We would love to have a ret pally in our team.
Raid times are 8pm-10pmST thu and Sun. Contact me via battlenet Zwirbel#1679